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  • Cleaning Jewelry

    Despite all the feminism in today's day, one thing seems to remain true amongst most women; diamonds still seem to be a girl's best friend. This definitely is not true for everyone, personally I like jewelry when I receive it, but I would much rather take a fun trip for a couple days if they were about the same cost. My sister, the new owner of a rose gold watch would definitely take the jewelry though. And with her expensive taste in jewelry, she makes sure to take very good...

  • The Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Once ultrasonic cleaning technology moved into the mainstream and became more accessible, it began to emerge in forms that could be used by consumers and small commercial operations. Today, you can buy your own small ultrasonic cleaner for a very reasonable price and use it to clean your jewelry, firearms, golf clubs and a wide variety of other items of limited size and quantity. Those are the two main restrictions that still present themselves to small-scale users of ultrasonic cleaning systems. But in industry, large scale ultrasonic cleaning machines are...

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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are small capacity cleaners that use high frequency sound waves to create bubbles that clean and sanitize rings, necklaces, watch bands and other jewelry items. These devices, along with an appropriate cleaning solution, are capable of cleaning even the hardest to reach cracks and crevices in the jewelry.

Aqueous and organic solvents are the two cleaners used in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. An aqueous cleaner is a solution in which the solvent is water and, therefore, extremely gentle to jewelry. An organic cleaner contains a chemical solvent which might be too harsh on jewelry depending on the chemical used. The best solutions to use in ultrasonic jewelry cleaning equipment are surfactants, detergents and ammonia. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners have the advantages of being fast, easy to use, and consistent. They require little manual labor and leave jewelry looking spotless. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are ideal for cleaning most metal jewelry, such as gold, stainless steel and silver, although this process may be a little too rough for certain gems set in jewelry pieces. Durable stones, such as diamonds, rubies, garnets and sapphires can benefit from an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, but emeralds, amber, opals and pearls, which are softer stones, could get dulled or damaged in the ultrasonic cleaning process.

Like all other ultrasonic cleaners, jewelry cleaners have at the least a power source, an immersion tank, a generator and a transducer. The transducer introduces ultrasonic sound waves into the tank which holds a basket containing the jewelry. Controls on the machine allow the operator to select the temperature and time limit. The ultrasonic cleaning process begins when cavitation occurs. Electrically signaled ultrasonic frequencies travel through liquid, stretching and compressing the cleaning solution until the molecules can not be stretched any further. The liquid breaks apart, creating innumerable bubbles that form under negative pressure. The size of these bubbles increases until equilibrium is reached and the bubbles are rapidly compressed. Millions of tiny powerful microbursts from the collapsing bubbles perform a scrubbing action that cleans every surface of the jewelry item. Environmental concerns raised in the last decade have made some companies change the chemistry in their solvents and replace them with biodegradable solvents which eliminate ozone depletion potentials and other hazards. These more environmentally friendly water based solutions replace some of the chemicals used for degreasing. Many companies are also redesigning their cleaning equipment to ensure the solvent is reclaimed automatically in the unit so there is no significant waste stream.

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