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Objects like jewelry, firearms, surgical instruments, and golf clubs can be difficult to clean by hand. Small crevices, cracks and intricate parts can make it almost impossible to thoroughly clean these items using traditional polishing methods, which is where ultrasonic cleaners come in handy. Ultrasonic cleaners are the perfect solution for quickly and thoroughly cleaning a wide variety of items. An ultrasonic cleaner can be made in many different sizes to be used in industrial or personal cleaning applications, but the principles that the machine operates on are essentially the same in all applications.

The machine generates high frequency pressure waves that agitate the water or cleaning solvent used in the main chamber where objects are submerged for cleaning. These waves create cavitation bubbles that clean the surface of the object in the liquid, and this scrubbing action is able to penetrate even the smallest cracks to remove dirt. This simple process can be up to three times faster than other cleaning methods, making it much more efficient. Many items that can be cleaned with an ultrasonic solution, like firearms, need to be regularly cleaned if they are going to work properly and last after repeated use.

An ultrasonic cleaning solution can greatly improve efficiency in an industrial or medical setting where frequent cleaning of components is necessary. Medical professionals often use ultrasonic cleaners to clean their implements. While an ultrasonic cleaner does not disinfect items placed within it, it will remove any excess dirt from the item and it can be quickly disinfected afterword if necessary. These machines can be purchased directly from a manufacturer or from an ultrasonic equipment supplier. Some components may have to be disassembled before they are submerged in an ultrasonic cleaner, but many items can be simply placed in the machine as they are. Because the cavitation bubble created by the high frequency pressure are so small, most components do not need to be taken apart for the cleaning process to have a strong effect. An ultrasonic cleaner uses simple but powerful technology to provide a better cleaning solution compared to industrial parts washers.

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