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  • New Tricks With Ultrasonic Cleaning

    A group of students from the Philippines are using ultrasonic cleaning machines in a whole new way. According to an article on GMA News Online, they decided find a way to go green with washing clothes, and their solution was an ultrasonic cleaning method. While this method is very popular for the cleaning of other products from jewelry to many other items, clothing was not one of its main uses, especially in the part of the world that created this new model. But, they were able to find a way...

  • Understanding Ultrasonic Cleaners

    The world is full of contaminants. Luckily, it is also full of engineers who find ways to control contaminants. Those ways have included washing, scrubbing and rinsing as well as a long list of more advanced contaminant control methods, including heat treatment, sanitization and even subjecting objects to ultrasound. The appropriate cleaning method depends on the object to be cleaned and the kind of contaminants with which the object is contaminated. In certain cases, only certain cleaning methods are appropriate. There are many situations in which ultrasonic cleaning in particular...

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning vs Other Cleaning Methods

    Why choose ultrasonic cleaning over other methods of parts cleaning? After all, doesn't ultrasonic cleaning seem overly-elaborate and technical? What can an ultrasonic cleaner accomplish that can't be accomplished with a rag and a cleaning solution? There is a clear, easy answer to this question, and that answer is the reason why ultrasonic cleaning has become such a popular cleaning choice in industrial contexts. Suppose for a moment that you run an electroplating business. Your business involves coating metals with a thin layer of other metals. You want your plating...

  • The Many Uses of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

    Imagine that you are a concert trumpet player for a major orchestra in a major city. Imagine that you have, for the past three weeks, participated in a world tour with the orchestra, during which you have traveled to 14 countries and played in 14 concert halls. The combination of frequent use, changing climatic conditions and other factors has reduced the quality of your instrument's performance. Now that the tour is over, you need to thoroughly clean your instrument. But how do you thoroughly clean a trumpet? You find yourself...

  • An Environmentally Friendly Way To Clean

    Some items need to be cleaned very precisely, safely and made sterilized can be done so with the use of an ultrasonic cleaning system. These devices can come in small sizes up to industrial size allowing them to be used to clean many different items. They can be used in home for people to clean such items as their jewelry, at dental and doctors offices to clean tools and instruments used as well as in the manufacturing setting to clean industrial parts. On a positive note, they can clean items...

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment and Options

    Cleaning can be a redundant, timely and tedious task. I seldom enjoy cleaning and wish there was an easier more efficient way to do it. Some rigid materials and items are less of a concern when I am cleaning such as golf clubs, tools or other hardy metal objects. However, when it comes to cleaning more fragile objects equivalent to glass lenses, jewelry or window blinds, I am much more apprehensive. Luckily, ultrasonic equipment can solve many of the cleaning issues. Ultrasonic cleaning is capable of cleaning hardy items like...

Industry Information

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment consists of a number of specialized cleaning machines that are used to clean a variety of parts and products. They harness the power of ultrasonic sound frequencies provided by transducers to convert electricity into intense frequencies that cause the formation and implosion of minuscule bubbles in a liquid cleaning medium. The bubbles perform a scrubbing action that reaches into grooves and hidden parts of products that are immersed into an agitated fluid. The frequencies of the sound waves are used in the ultrasonic cleaning equipment to adjust the size and amount of cavitation or the formation and collapse of the bubbles.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment has multiple benefits, including accuracy, consistency and speed. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is also more environmentally-friendly than using chemical solvents or hazardous chemicals. Unfortunately, tightly bonded soils, greases, and contaminants cannot always be removed with the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment alone but combining aqueous cleaning techniques with ultrasonic cleaning technology has been found to be an effective and environmentally-safe method of cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is capable of cleaning individual parts as well as multiple items simultaneously and is used in a variety of both commercial and industrial applications. Jewelry cleaning, window blind cleaning and golf club cleaning are all completed with commercial ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Industrial applications include automotive parts, critical and precision cleaning and pre- and post production cleaning.

All ultrasonic cleaning equipment consists at the least a transducer, a generator and an immersion tank. The tank ranges in sizes from small and portable to industrial tanks. They may be long and narrow or rectangular depending on the application. The parts that require cleaning are placed into the tank which contains an ultrasound conductive fluid. There are three commonly used cleaning mediums: hot water cleaning, which uses a heated water stream; aqueous cleaning, which uses a water-based ultrasonic cleaning solution and solvent or vapor cleaning, in which the solvent is evaporated then condensed onto the surface of the parts. The process begins when there is cavitation. Cavitation is caused by the transducer which, depending on the equipment used, is either mounted directly in the tank or placed inside during operation. When the transducer introduces ultrasonic sound waves into the stainless steel tank, countless minute imploding bubbles release both energy and heat to provide a highly efficient method of scrubbing exposed and concealed surfaces of the immersed parts. There is a direct connection between how the frequency and the number of implosions which allows for a high level of control; high frequencies ideal for the removal of very small particles without harming the surface of the parts and equipment being cleaned.

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