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  • A Good Perspective on Aluminum Framing

    As the daughter of a working artist, let me tell you aluminum frames don't come cheap but they are unquestionably very attractive and versatile. This shouldn't be surprising, as aluminum has a reputation for being very aesthetically pleasing and therefore valued and used by a wide range of industries and areas of life. In addition to being pretty, aluminum's attributes are plentiful, some of which include tensile strength, its resistance to corrosive elements and long term use and its malleability. In addition to putting a painting within a shiny context,...

  • The Foundations of Structural Aluminum

    The range of things aluminum and aluminum alloyed with additional metals is long and wide, ranging from pop cans to airplanes. On one hand, its got that lightweight, easily sanitized, corrosive resistant thing going for itself, which is why it is one of the most popular materials used in the food and beverage processing industries, in addition to tools and appliances used in kitchens. On the other hand, it is fairly weak when used as is, which is why it is often alloyed with additional materials, such as silicon, zinc,...

  • Reducing the Weight in Vehicle Frames

    Aluminum has long been used as a structural support for various buildings, machines, and vehicles because it is lightweight, yet strong enough to create sturdy structures that are difficult to break except under extreme circumstances. Structural aluminum is also less expensive than steel or iron, which is another reason why factories and companies all over the world choose it over other structural metals. However, now that fuel economy is such a sought-after feature on new vehicles, simply using structural aluminum in vehicles is not enough weight reduction to keep fuel...

  • Introducing Matt Johnson, Newest Member of the Johnson Bros. Family

    Dear Customers, At Johnson Bros. our employees are what separates us from the competition. As an honest, dedicated and caring family business for over 60 years, the family feeling can’t be avoided when working with us. When you do business with Johnson Bros. you become a very important part of the Johnson Family. With that being said, I would like to introduce the newest member of the Johnson Bros. Family, Matt Johnson. Son of Brad Johnson (Vice President/General Manager/Owner), Matt is the 4th generation of Johnson to be employed by...

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Structural Aluminum

Structural aluminum is an extruded aluminum alloy that goes through post-forming treatments in order to become light weight, durable and corrosion resistant metal used in many different high-strength applications. Because pure aluminum is too soft to be used in structural applications, it is alloyed with magnesium, silicon, zinc, copper, zirconium, chromium and manganese. The most common aluminum alloy used as structural aluminum is 6061-T6, which is an alloy in which aluminum, manganese and silicone are the major elements.

Although structural aluminum is more costly than other metals, it has a much quicker manufacturing process and low cost of labor. Benefits of structural aluminum include that it is clean and an aesthetically-pleasing material without the addition of painting or other methods of further finishing. Structural aluminum is commonly used in the marine, automotive, engineering and construction industries to produce machine bases, building structural framing, cryogenic vessels, piping, bridges and industrial machinery. In addition, structural aluminum can be formed into many different shapes, including castings, forgings, wire, rod, bar and flat rolled sheets (thinner than .25 inches) or plates (thicker than .25 inches).

Extruded aluminum is stronger and more durable than other kinds of aluminum because of the way in which it has been machined. The extrusion process entails forcing round aluminum stock called "billets” by means of a ram through a die. A die is a hollow profile that shapes the aluminum into a specific extruded shape as the billet is squeezed through. In addition to the extrusion process, structural aluminum is also put through cold working and heat treatments after forming to increase these properties. Aluminum may be cold rolled, drawn, straightened or flattened, all of which are done at or around room temperature. When cold-worked, a negative is that aluminum will often lose some of its ductility in the process. All of these processes change the internal grain characteristics and increases tensile strength, yield strength and hardness. To obtain the desired strength, structural aluminum is heated at a high temperature for a certain amount of time, then quickly cooled by quenching, which is immersing the metal in cool water. Age hardening also increases aluminum's properties. In this process, the metal is slowly heated and kept at that temperature for a long period of time, strengthening the aluminum's grain.

Structural Aluminum
Structural Aluminum
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Structural Aluminum - GSH Industries, Inc.

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