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  • Toronto, ON

    Our aluminum warehouse has thousands of aluminum extruded tubing in stock. Our services include aluminum fabrication, finishing, extrusion powder coating and painting, customized extrusion punching, anodizing, and customized shipping with specialty protective packaging. Add speedy delivery and fantastic customer service and you’ve found the warehouse for all your needs.

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  • Berkeley, IL

    Our aluminum roll formed shapes are numerous. Choose from T, H, W & double channeled shapes made from continuous metal stock. Our roll die tooling can form different shapes with multiple bends & double thicknesses making a stronger part. Choose your type of outside edge, including hemmed designs. Whether a small or large run, our manufacturing process can take your part from concept to completion.

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  • Cleveland, OH

    Since 1986, GSH Industries has offered superior customer service, on time delivery & competitive pricing. With over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing, we offer aluminum extrusion products & services such as aluminum extruded shapes, extruded aluminum, aluminum channels, metal extrusions, aluminum profiles & aluminum extruded tubing. We are committed to providing the best in customer service.

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  • Cleveland, OH

    Serving the aluminum extrusions world from Cleveland, Ohio, Talan Products specializes in a range of aluminum extrusion products & services. These include aluminum extruded shapes, extruded aluminum, aluminum channels, metal extrusions, aluminum profiles & aluminum extruded tubing. Whether you are an engineer needing a value product, or a purchasing professional seeking a vendor, let us help you!

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  • Hanson, MA

    Our robust products are extremely reliable and can be customized to your exact needs. We are a proven manufacturer and it is our mission to remain on the forefront of our industry. We will work with your teams to design aluminum extruded tubing that is perfect for your application. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

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  • Russellville, AR

    Taber Extrusions is a manufacturer specializing in aluminum extrusions, custom extrusions and aluminum shapes. Our over-size extruded shapes extend to 27" wide x 120" long. All industries use our custom extrusions. We are ISO 9002 certified, and we are dedicated to providing excellent service. At Taber if you can dream it, we can shape it.

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  • Youngstown, OH

    ISO 9001:2000 & 14000 certified, Northern States Metals is an aluminum extrusion company. We specialize in products & services like aluminum extruded shapes, extruded aluminum, aluminum channels, metal extrusions, aluminum profiles & aluminum extruded tubing. You can count on our expertise & quality control to get your part or product off to the right start. The more you need, the better we look!

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  • Chatham, ON

    Dajcor is aluminum extruded tubing company, with complete value added in-house capabilities - your `One-Stop` extrusion supplier. Our engineering and design personnel pride themselves in helping our customers refine their designs to lower costs, and aid in creating production efficiencies for their extruded aluminum products. Call us with any questions.

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Customizing Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum extrusions are used for a variety of industries, including safety guards, light machine bases, enclosures, work stations, shutters, robotic jigs, fixtures, and more. Since the world of aluminum extruded tubing is so large, many factories find that they require the use of custom parts rather than traditional stock sizes and edging on aluminum extrusions. While stock parts will work for many uses, adding a customized design can become the extra boost in quality that separates you from the competition. If you require customized products for your design, look for... Read More

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Aluminum Extruded Tubing

Aluminum extruded tubing is a hollow linear aluminum product that is typically cylindrical, however aluminum square tubing and aluminum rectangular tubing is also manufactured for specialty applications such as aluminum downspouts and building supplies. Aluminum tubing may also have rectangular, square or round cross-sections. Formed during extrusion processes, aluminum tubing may be hot extruded, cold extruded or warm extruded, all of which extrude aluminum through a die, although at various temperatures.

Due to the variety of processes and shapes, aluminum extruding tubing has a wide range of applications such as mining equipment, hardware joints, fluid and gas transport, light building frames, structural applications, lighting fixtures and light poles. In addition, aluminum tubing has advantageous characteristics such as having high electrical conductivity and being a good heat conductor and reflector, which make it ideal for both heat transfer and heat shield applications. Additionally, industries that benefit from aluminum tubing’s flexibility and high strength-to-weight ratio include construction, industrial manufacturing, medical, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and food processing.

Aluminum tubing is formed during the extrusion process, in which round aluminum stock called “billets” or “logs” are pressed by a ram through a die, which is a hollow profile that shapes the aluminum into a specific extruded shape as the billet is squeezed through. Aluminum extrusion processes include hot extrusion, cold extrusion and warm extrusion. In cold extruding, an aluminum billet is pressed through the die at room temperature or, at least, very close to room temperature. Warm extruding, on the other hand, is done on billets brought to temperature ranges between 800 and 1800 degrees F. Lastly, hot extrusions are performed on aluminum which has been fully plasticized by heat and is often performed in a vacuum to avoid oxidation. In addition, aluminum can be extruded through the die using two different methods of extrusion: indirect extrusion and direct extrusion. Direct extrusion holds the die stationary while the ram forces the aluminum alloy through the die opening, while indirect extrusion holds the die stationary as the hollow ram moves into the stationary billet from one end, forcing the metal to flow through the die. After the aluminum tubing has been extruded, it is straightened by a stretcher.

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