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  • The Building Blocks of Architectural Aluminum

    There is a well-known skyscraper in south Chicago named the Monadnock Building which happens to be the tallest commercial load-bearing masonry building ever constructed, and at the time of its completion it was said to be the largest office building in the world. More relevant to this blog, though, the Monadnock's decorative staircases are made of aluminum and were the first case in history to utilize this metal in building construction, mainly due the fact that aluminum was considered to be an exotic material at the time, due to its...

  • Aluminum Beams Things to Consider

    When considering construction materials, aluminum carries many advantages: it is light-weight, resists corrosion, is a good conductor of heat and electricity and is 100% recyclable. All in all, aluminum is an easy choice for any construction project. Once you've decided on an aluminum beam, however, there are several other factors to examine before starting to build. Some important questions to ask yourself include: Do I need a continuous or supported beam? A continuous beam offers supports throughout its entire structure, as opposed to supported beams, which only offer supports on...

  • New Tech Should Create New Jobs at Dajcor

    Dajcor Aluminum Inc. is still updating the technology at its Chatham facility, but officials are sure the machinery will create new jobs. Dajcor recently got a $1-million grant from the Ontario government to get state-of-the-art aluminum fabrication equipment. HR Manager Wayne Cowell says they’ve already got a new press, which has yet to be commissioned. They’ll also be upgrading technology in their anodizing department. Cowell says, while the machinery will make operations more efficient, that doesn’t mean jobs will be lost. “The new press gives us an opportunity to go...


    Talan Products is proud to announce that it has received a 2015 Evolution of Manufacturing Award presented by Smart Business Magazine. Talan was honored for its achievements in manufacturing, including its commitment to safety and efficiency in its manufacturing processes. The company’s incident rate decreased from nearly 20 in 2006 to zero in 2014. Over the same span, its DART rate (days away, restrictions, transfers) decreased from 10 to zero. Talan has maintained a DART rate of zero since 2013. Talan’s commitment to efficiency is demonstrated in its...

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Aluminum Beams

Aluminum beams are large, oblong pieces of metal, specifically constructed from aluminum alloys, that are typically used to horizontally support components of building construction. Aluminum is used in beam fabrication as an alternative to steel, which is stronger but much heavier, and wood, which is lighter but much weaker. Aluminum beams are essential in the construction, engineering and architectural industries as parts and shapes necessary to the internal and external construction of buildings.

The main type of aluminum used in the fabrication of beams is structural aluminum, of which the main attribute is that it is light weight, which increases labor productivity. Some common structural aluminum alloys include 7116 aluminum, 6063 aluminum and 6061 aluminum. Additional characteristics of structural aluminum include weather resistance and the ability to fare well outside because it doesn't corrode quickly, is able to withstand high and low temperatures and doesn't rust when exposed to water. As a result, aluminum beams will last a long time without much maintenance or upkeep. They come in many different shapes, including unequal or equal I beams, which are the most widely used, channels, which are unrounded and C-shaped, H beams and T beams.

The aluminum beam fabrication process is fairly similar to other extruded aluminum shapes such as aluminum bars or rods. In addition, aluminum beams are joined together by means of rivets or bolts and may be welded if necessary. To begin, aluminum beams are manufactured by the extrusion process, in which long structural shapes are produced when heated or room temperature metal billets are forced through a die. In order to maintain and increase strength properties, manufacturers of aluminum beams often put them through post-forming heat treatment process like anodizing, when the aluminum is oxidized in a chemical bath and forms a permanent strong outer coating. They are also tempered, a form of heat treatment where the metal is strengthened when the intermetallic particles are precipitated. While steel beams are used more as the major structural frames for buildings because of their weight capabilities, aluminum beams, which are not as tough, are used for applications that don't require such high strength. Some of these low-strength applications include structural components for residential homes such raftings, awnings, and gutters as well as industrial applications such as safety rails and more.

Aluminum Beams
Aluminum Beams
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