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  • Schenectady, NY

    Our steam boilers are integrated with the most advanced technologies and we have a plethora of models that our customers can utilize for their facilities. These systems are manufactured with precision techniques and our engineers are experts in steam boilers. We aim to meet all of your needs and we are eager to hear from you today! To learn more about our outstanding steam boilers please visit our website!

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  • Pulaski, NY

    As the inventor of the vertical tubeless boiler, Fulton has a reputation for success dating back to 1949. We're a global manufacturer of steam, hot water and hydronic boilers; thermal fluid heaters; custom engineered systems; and a full range of ancillary equipment. We continue to make advancements in the boiler market and are committed to improving life through heat transfer solutions.

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  • Rockmart, GA

    Miura Boiler Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing, designing, engineering and servicing gas, oil, coal, wood, solid waste, biomass & hybrid fuel-fired steam & gas and condensing since our inception. With installations across all industries worldwide, We are recognized for the highest code standards, innovative engineering and design, Energy Star rating, fully Integrated controls, and renewable, sustainable solutions for green building design and operational efficiency. To find out more, call today!

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  • Wheeling, IL

    Indeck has the largest inventory of steam generating systems, a custom boiler design team and our own boiler manufacturing plant . Indeck is the complete steam power solution provider with emergency rental of 25,000 pph trailer-mounted rental boilers to the design of large custom million pound boilers. Our expertise includes watertube, mobile, packaged, waste heat, solid fuel, biomass and fire tube boilers.

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  • Peru, IN

    Bryan Steam has been an industry leading producer of commercial boilers, including their “flexible water tube” model for more than one hundred years. Bryan Steam produces a wide range of gas, oil, dual fuel and electric water and steam options including the ultra-high efficiency Free-Flex models 1000 MBH to 6000 MBH and the BFIT model 1000 MBH to 4000 MBH. Contact the company today for additional information.

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  • Van Buren, AR

    At Mid-South Steam Boiler & Engineering Co., we are dedicated to providing top-notch boiler solutions and engineering services tailored to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. With a rich history spanning several decades, we have established ourselves as a trusted authority in the boiler industry, renowned for our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our product range encompasses a wide variety of boilers.

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  • Fremont, CA

    Nationwide Boiler is a leading supplier of new and reconditioned boilers for industrial facilities worldwide. We’re a manufacturer’s representative and stocking distributor for B&W package watertube boilers and Superior package firetube boilers, and we have fully reconditioned boilers in a variety of types and sizes. With sales, service and equipment depots throughout the U.S., we strive to provide our customers with reliable equipment and superior service. Call today to learn more!

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Steam Boilers Industry Information

Steam Boilers

A steam boiler is defined as a vessel that captures and produces steam to either heat homes and businesses, or to provide energy for various industrial functions. The name “steam boiler” is typically used to refer to equipment that generates heat, but the term can technically be applied to any piece of equipment that utilizes steam for its primary functions.

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The History of Steam Boilers

A steam boiler falls under the category of high pressure boilers. Within the machine, steam becomes pressurized and can release energy once it builds up in a sufficient quantity. When the release of this energy is controlled, steam can be used to power different types of machinery. The steam engine is the most well known steam-powered machine. Steam engines, as well as other steam powered machinery, first appeared roughly two centuries ago and played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution, and is still used today for the generation of electricity. Ever since the introduction of the steam engine, more and more uses for steam have been discovered, and new uses are being discovered today.

Design of Steam Boilers

Steam boilers, in terms of the types of steam boilers that are used as a heat generator for buildings and industrial functions, consist of several general parts that all types of steam boilers possess, regardless of their shape, size, or purpose. The first component is a pressure vessel. The pressure vessel is a chamber which holds the steam before it is distributed elsewhere. Pressure vessels can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, and usually come in the form of steel tanks that are built to withstand high levels of pressure as they hold a particular material. The steam is released from the pressure vessel to the appropriate location by a heat source and a valve mechanism. These valves are vital to the boiler system, as they are utilized to not only regulate and direct pressurized steam, but release it in case of an emergency.

Sanitary Steam Boilers

Out of all of these energy sources, Steam boilers are one of the most sanitary. However, sensitive applications such as laboratory processes and functions within the food and beverage industry require an exceptionally high level of sanitation. Therefore, there are types of steam boilers available that are designed specifically for these applications. These “clean” steam boilers keep the water within them clean using reverse osmosis as well as other purification processes.

Standards and Specifications for Steam Boilers

In the earlier days of steam boilers, many boiler failures occurred due to faulty pressure vessel construction. Since the malfunctioning of a vessel that houses steam at a high amount of pressure could result in catastrophic explosions, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) have set a strict system of regulations in place for their construction.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Steam Boiler

There is not a single steam boiler design that is suitable for all applications. Therefore, energy source considerations, as well as the configuration of the machine, are important to keep in mind when searching for the right kind.

Alternative Heating Sources

In addition, alternative heating sources have been developed, such as electricity, wood, fossil fuels, natural gas, and coal. Each of these alternative energy sources has its own set of benefits and disadvantages in terms of cost, cleanliness, eco-friendliness, and efficiency. Electric heating is 100% efficient, meaning every bit of the electricity is converted to heat. It greatly reduces environmental impact, because it releases no carbon dioxide or other emissions. It costs little to install and allows for easy temperature control. Although the initial cost is minimal, it can be expensive to operate in the long run. Wood heating generates a large amount of heat from a small amount of wood. Like electricity, it is a renewable resource, as opposed to burning fossil fuels. However, wood heating has the potential of releasing carbon dioxide and other emissions into the air. Fossil fuels are cheap and reliable, but are an unsustainable nonrenewable resource and releases a disconcerting amount of carbon into the atmosphere. Natural gas can be efficiently and safely stored, and can be renewable when created from certain materials. However, it can create greenhouse gas emissions, can be hazardous if not properly handled, and it can be difficult to check for leaks because of its odorless and colorless properties. Finally, coal comes in an abundant supply, is relatively inexpensive, energy efficient, and can be converted to a gas or liquid. However, coal is a nonrenewable resource and contains the largest amount of carbon dioxide per BTU, making it the largest contributor to global warming out of all the other energy sources. Burning coal also has a negative impact on forests, the air, and the health of the living things that live in the forests and breathe the air in.

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Selection Criteria for Steam Boilers

Cleaver-Brooks Deciding which steam boiler to purchase is commonly determined by equipment cost. And while cost is an important consideration, this single criterion does not take into consideration a product’s operational inefficiencies, which can lead to excessive lifetime costs.  Rather, equipment selection should be based on the overall performance of the equipment relative to system demand requirements and lifetime operational costs. To that end, the evaluation process should examine the following important attributes of the steam boiler and related equipment: Efficiency Appropriate Load Response ... Read More About This