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  • Electric Boilers and Radiant Heat: No More Cold Feet

    Electric Boilers There are a lot of different ways to heat a home. From wood to coal to propane, people have found a variety of methods to parlay these combustible materials into excellent heat sources. But with the growing demand to find different ways to heat not only houses but commercial venues as well, using electric boilers has become a popular heating strategy. One reason why electric boilers are often used in the home is because they are relatively small. Also, these types of heaters are a little more environmentally...

  • Boilers: Heating Spaces

    Electric Boilers If you like to get warmed up when you are cold or feel the warm embrace of heat as you walk indoors from being in the blustery and cold outdoors, then you are a big fan of boilers, even if you do not know it. Boilers are vessels that are used for heating purposes. They can be found in industrial, commercial and residential environments and anywhere else that requires heated air and or heated water. Gas boilers, electric boilers and oil boilers are the most common types of...

  • Electric Boilers Heat Spaces Evenly

    Electric Boilers On cold mornings I dread getting out of bed. I know that the air in my room is not nearly as warm as it is under my covers. Furthermore, I know that the air in the hallway directly outside my closed door is significantly colder than it is in my enclosed room. Because my bedroom door was closed all night, heated air coming from the hair vents was not able to be distributed evenly in the apartment, making it nearly unbearable to get out of bed in the...

  • 5 Reasons to Switch to Electric Boilers in the Laundry Business

    Steam boilers are an essential part of any laundry business. Steam boilers are used to wash, treat, and press the laundry in a professional laundry service. No matter whether you operate a dry cleaning business or a traditional washing service, you will need the help of a boiler at some point. Many boilers use gas to power the tanks, but an electric steam boiler can offer many advantages over other boiler types. Before purchasing a unit from any electric steam boiler manufacturers, investigate the benefits of an electric steam boiler...

Industry Information

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are equipment used to heat water for use in homes and businesses. Electric boilers are distinct from other boiler varieties in that they use electric heating elements as their means of heat generation; other methods involve the use of natural gas, wood, coal, oil and other fuels in order to generate heat.

Each boiler variety is well suited to some applications and less well suited to others. For example, a wood fired boiler is an excellent choice when installation cost is not an issue and when an ample supply of wood is available for burning. In other cases, natural gas is the most practical fuel; in homes that were originally built with gas furnaces, it can be less expensive to improve existing ductwork as well as windows and door seals that it can be to replace an entire system with a new boiler that features a different heat generation method. Because boilers vary so widely in terms of their cost at installation and their lifelong maintenance costs, it is impossible to say whether one configuration is always more efficient or economical than another; those factors vary depending on the situation.

As far as residential and commercial heating are concerned, there are two main types of boilers: those that actually boil water and those that merely heat it. Boilers used to boil water can be used to heat buildings and to generate steam that can be harnessed and used in the performance of mechanical work by a machine. When such a boiler heats water to its boiling point, the steam produced is captured in a tank and is compressed there. When the steam in the vessel is sufficiently compressed, it is released through a valve. If the steam is being used to heat a building, it is distributed to radiators or other heat exchanging equipment that releases the heat from the steam into the air. If the steam is being used by equipment to produce work, it is forced into the machinery in whatever way is appropriate. Electric heaters are sometimes used for both purposes. In homes and businesses, electric boilers are prized because they are easier to clean than gas fired boilers. They can also be safer, as no carbon monoxide or other combustion byproducts are produced by electric boilers. In the case of water heating, more recent developments in electric water heater technology has allowed for more rapid heating and more consistent temperatures. 
Electric Boilers
Electric Boilers
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Electric Boilers - Fulton Boiler Works, Inc.

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