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  • Decoding Stainless Steel

    Stainless sheet metal is sheet metal made from steel mixed with different alloys to create a barrier over the metal that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel will eventually rust over time, but it takes much longer than it does for traditional steel to rust. Regular steel starts rusting nearly as soon as the metal hits oxygen. Because of its rust resistant properties, many industries choose to use stainless sheet metal instead of regular steel. However, not all classifications of stainless steel are suitable for use as...

  • A Bit About Stainless Steel Sheet

    by Jim Thaxter Stainless steel sheet was invented in 1908 by Harry Bearley and was used mostly starting in the 1920s for the interior of gun barrels to inhibit rust, and still is today. Stainless steel sheet is extensively used today to clad upper end kitchen appliances. Appliances included are refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, vents and even washers and dryers, and we also see more and more barbeque grills showing off stainless steel finishes. Some other noticeable uses for stainless steel sheet are storage tanks for wine, beer and petroleum....

  • The Sunny Side of Stainless Steel Sheets

    Being one who is relatively attracted to alternate power sources, solar energy is something I am interested in learning more about. The principle of solar energy is harnessing the sun's energy and re-channeling it for our own energy needs. Many modern homes and businesses incorporate solar panels on or around their building structure, which are made from stainless steel sheets. Stainless steel sheets are made from semi-processed slabs or rolls of stainless steel that is flattened into level sheets that are generally between 0.006 inches and 0.250 inches, though this...

  • Stainless Sheet Industrial Countertop Customization Options

    Specialty stainless sheet metal is stainless sheets of metal that come in unusual grades or thicknesses. These grades can have different alloy additives for different uses, or just come in unusual sizes or thicknesses. Specialty stainless sheet distributors create a variety of specialized stainless steel sheets for a variety of purposes. One of these uses is for stainless steel countertops in industrial manufacturing plants and commercial businesses, which are gaining in popularity because of their durability, long-life, and easy maintenance. Many specialty stainless sheet distributors offer a variety of customization...

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Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless steel sheets are flat stock metal shapes that exhibit uniform thickness and are formed from billets or ingots of a particular group of steel alloys. In general, these forms are thicker than stainless steel foil, but thinner than stainless steel plates. Thicknesses between 0.006 inches and 0.250 inches most commonly constitute a sheet though individual manufacturers may vary.

The thinness of stainless steel sheets is what makes them a popular choice as they are easily formed to specific shapes, but sturdy enough to hold a solid form after processing, which renders them vital to industries such as architecture, automotive, parts manufacturing and more. The material composition also boasts several benefits that make stainless steel sheeting a popular choice in the above industries as well as aeronautics, marine, medical and construction applications. Stainless steel is not just one particular grade of steel, but a group of steel alloys lauded for extreme resistance to rust, wear and corrosion even in extreme or harsh conditions such as saltwater or chemical processing. Additional characteristics such as high ductility, strength and hardness add to the popularity of stainless steel products. Though the initial cost of stainless steel sheets may be higher than less corrosion resistant alternatives, stainless steel products are recyclable allowing manufacturers to recoup some expenses through scrap value.

The advantageous properties of stainless steel sheets are attributed to the specific composition of each grade of the metal. In general, stainless steel is an alloy of regular steel (iron ore which has been highly refined) and at least 10% chromium, along with much smaller amounts of carbon, nickel, molybdenum, silicone and aluminum in various combinations. The alloyed chromium forms a "passivation" layer of chromium oxide on the surface of the stainless steel sheet. This protective layer is what prevents staining, wear and corrosion and gives this group of alloys their name. It is important to consider the specific composition of stainless steel sheeting with regards to the intended use of the material as even slight variations can have a significant effect on strength, corrosion resistance and price. Additional considerations include thickness, gauge thickness, overall width and overall length. The specific method of production should also be considered as stainless steel sheet can be cast, wrought, extruded, compacted, cold finished, drawn or hot rolled with the latter being among the most common. Once purchased for a given application these stock shapes may undergo many different processes such as heat treating, descaling, roll forming, punching, stamping, slitting, cutting, metal spinning and other fabrication methods which create the panels, sinks, encasements, utensils and various other final components.

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