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IQS Directory provides an extensive list of stainless steel alloy manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our website to review and source stainless steel alloy manufactures with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate stainless steel alloy companies that will design, engineer, and manufacturer stainless steel alloy for your exact specifications. Our request for quote forms make it easy to connect with leading stainless steel alloy manufacturers. View company profiles, website links, locations, phone number, product videos, customer reviews, product specific news articles and other production information. We are a leading manufacturer directory who will connect you with the right manufacturers whether you are looking for stainless steel alloy protection, stainless steel 316 alloys, or stainless steel alloy process.

  • Long Island City, NY

    For the best stainless steel alloy products you can find, what more could you ask for than complete customization? We know that customers have unique needs which is why we create all orders to demand! We complete orders fast, and ship even faster, so you never have to wait long for our metals! Look to us to provide you with the support and products you need to succeed. Contact us to learn more!

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  • Sound Beach, NY

    As stainless steel producers, Source 21 specializes in hard-to-find materials. We produce all tempers plus commercial and exotic stainless steel alloy. You choose from our inventory or we can custom produce to your needs. An ISO 9001:2000 registered company; we maintain comprehensive inventories at our various US processing locations to facilitate quick shipments. Check out our website!

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  • Chester, NY

    We offer ISO 9001:2008 certified stainless steel alloys. Our teams are well-versed in providing you with a customized solution that is designed for your exact needs. It is our mission to exceed all of your expectations. We provide stainless steel, nickel, monel, and much more. These products are great for a number of industries. Give us a call today!

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  • Pompton Plains, NJ

    Stainless steel alloys are what we do and we do them well! We are the leading company when it comes to quality products and outstanding customer service. We are proud to bring you products that will withstand the test of time, every time. When you purchase our products you will not be disappointed with what you find. Providing durable and reliable products is one of the principles we were founded on and it’s a principle we continue to uphold! Call today for more information!

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  • Houston, TX

    National Specialty Alloys specializes in stainless steel and nickel alloy bars. Our quality alloys are available in a range of shapes and lengths. We have over twenty years of experience and offer a full range of capabilities and services for your most demanding needs. NSA wants to exceed your expectations.

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Stainless Steel Mills and Kitchen Fashion

Stainless steel is becoming more and more common in domestic life; we see it in large kitchen appliances most often, like refrigerators and dishwashers, but even wedding bands made out of stainless steel are gaining popularity. It's no mystery why stainless steel should be so well-liked. After all, it's durable, relatively lightweight, is great at resisting rust and corrosion because of its chromium content, and, as far as household uses go, it's very versatile. What's more, stainless steel comes in a variety of finishes, such as matte, brushed, and satin,... Read More

Different Strokes for Different Stainless Steel Alloys

When I was younger, I hated working in groups, teams or partnerships of any kind. I wasn't necessarily a loner who didn't like company; I simply felt more comfortable with the task at hand when I could work at my own pace and in my own way. This, while understandable, did not always lend itself to a job well-done, and, if given the choice to work alone, was often lagging terribly behind those who worked in groups. This was also true for many athletics I was involved with; while I... Read More

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Barry A. Dorfman & Co.

by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor Barry A. Dorfman & Co. is not your typical metal service center. Founded in 1999 on the principle of supplying customers with the best materials on time and within budget, the skilled representatives at this California based company do just that, no matter the material. With an understanding that rare metals do not translate into rare demands, the knowledgeable staff at Barry A. Dorfman stocks and sells the unique and raw materials that other centers do not. If your unique application requires something not already... Read More

Penn Stainless Products Installs New Plasma Cutters

Quakertown, PA – December 5, 2012 – Penn Stainless Products has installed two new Koike Aronson Versagraph Millennium Series Plasma Cutting Systems (Model 3100). The cutting systems feature the Hypertherm HPR800XD HyPerformance® Plasma technology, which provides superior precision cutting for increased consistency. Two machines share one single rail sustem, which allows a much larger cutting envelope. The new cutting systems give the factory increased durability, speed, accuracy, and versatility in all aspects of plasma cutting. The factory has seen less dross, less kerf loss, optimum cut quality, and a smaller... Read More

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Stainless Steel Alloy

Although stainless steel is an alloy itself, comprised of iron, carbon, chromium, additional materials such as molybdenum, nickel, nitrogen and copper can be added to create a number of stainless steel alloys. While regular steel often contains smaller amounts of chromium to enhance properties of strength and hardness, stainless steel alloys offers higher corrosion resistance due to their ability to develop a passivation layer of chromium oxide on their outer surface, effectively coating the steel and protecting it from the harmful oxidation that occurs between exposed iron and oxygen molecules in the air.

The most common stainless steel alloys include austenitic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, ferrite stainless steels, martensitic stainless steels and precipitation-hardened stainless steels. The different stainless steel alloys work best for varying application: such as, austenitic stainless steels work best in applications such as chemical equipment and food equipment; duplex stainless steels work best for pipelines and pressure shafting; ferrite stainless steel works best for decorative trim, vehicle mufflers and cooking utensils; martensitic stainless steels work best for turbine blades, pump shafts and industrial fasteners; and precipitation-hardened stainless steels work best for petrochemical equipment, valves and gears. As a result, the different types of stainless steel alloys are utilized in a diverse range of industries including food handling, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, petrochemical, architecture and telecommunications.

Stainless steel alloys are defined based on their distinct material compositions, which results in different crystalline structures. Accounting for 70% of the stainless steel family, austenitic stainless steels are non-magnetic and are composed of a maximum of .15% carbon, a minimum of 16% chromium and a high enough amount of either nickel or manganese in order to retain the austenitic structure of the stainless steel at all temperatures, including extremely hot and extremely cold. Duplex stainless steels magnetic and are composed of high levels of chromium (19-28%) as well as molybdenum and nickel, although in lower amounts than austenitic stainless steels. Duplex stainless steels are a combination of the austenite and ferrite microstructures and typically have a 40/60 mix although 50/50 is the ideal. Ferrite stainless steels are magnetic and are composed of iron and chromium, but may include minute amounts of nickel, molybdenum, aluminum and titanium. Although ferrite stainless steels cannot be hardened, they typically offer better engineering capabilities than austenitic stainless steels. Martensitic stainless steels are magnetic and are composed of chromium, molybdenum, nickel and carbon. Unlike most other stainless steel alloys, martensitic stainless steels can be hardened through heat treatment. Precipitation-hardening stainless steels are ultra-high-strength stainless steel alloys that are composed of iron, chromium and nickel. Precipitation-hardening stainless steels can have an austenitic or martensitic crystalline structure.