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  • 4 Shapes Made through Metal Spinning

    Spin forming is the process of creating shaped metal pieces, usually rounded in shape, on a lathe or with other metal spinning tools. Spun metal has surprising strength and can be made into a variety of shapes. Although many factories use molds, rollers, or presses to create metal objects, many factories still use the process of spin forming aluminum. Spun aluminum pieces have the strength of the original metal plus additional strength provided by the shaping process. Spinning aluminum is a low-tech manufacturing option that still produces superior results over...

  • Making Spun Aluminum Pots

    Spun aluminum gets its name from the process used to create shaped aluminum. Flat aluminum discs are placed onto a mandrel on a lathe or other spinning object. Some mandrels are made of wood, others of metal, and some are actually made of ice. The mandrels help shape the aluminum into the desired finished shape that the metalworker wants to produce. Many aluminum objects used around the house and in the kitchen use the spinning process to create their sturdy and rounded shapes. Spinning aluminum is harder than it looks....

  • Spin Forming Safety Tips

    Spin forming aluminum is the art of transforming a thin sheet of aluminum into a shaped object, such as a candlestick, metal pot, or trash can lid. Spin forming is an ancient metal-forming process that is still used today because it is inexpensive and allows for extreme customization of aluminum pieces. However, the process of spin forming aluminum is highly dangerous. It is important to follow all safety guidelines when spinning aluminum to avoid injuries. Look for metal defects: Defects in the surface of the metal can cause serious problems....

  • The Elegance of Spin Forming and Chandeliers

    By Andrea Mustine, IQS Editor Creating an environment of old world elegance and grace can be easily achieved with an artfully crafted chandelier, which inevitably takes center stage in any residential or commercial venue that seeks to dazzle those who enter it. Lighting up rooms that vary from theatres to libraries to homes of individuals, chandeliers are a sure fire way of making a lasting impression. These light fixtures have been around for centuries, morphing with the times by replacing candles with light bulbs while retaining the grandeur and charm...

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Spin Forming

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Spin forming, also referred to as metal spinning, is a cold working metalworking process that produces shapes with thin walls, round profiles and hollow middles. A flat, round disc of sheet metal, called a preform blank, rotates at high speeds on a spinning lathe. Rollers apply pressure to the blank, and the metal is shaped over a form called a mandrel, taking its shape.

The finished product of a spin forming process is smooth, without any chipping, wrinkling or warbling, and it can be tubular, spherical, bell-shaped or cylindrical. The process lasts less than ten minutes per piece, is cost-effective and offers a high degree of precision and accuracy. Spin forming machines can be manually operated or controlled by computer numerical control systems, which make the process fully automated. Many kinds of metal can be shaped by spin forming, including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and copper, which are formed into blanks by stamping, deep drawing or press forming. The blanks become products like lighting fixtures, cookware, bowls, decorative and ornamental products, nozzles, tank heads, funnels, pressure vessels and cartridges for the aerospace, food and beverage, marine, lighting, pharmaceutical, defense contracting and cookware industries. Many products have decorative detail, varying thicknesses and complex shape designs.

While standard spin forming is most often used, there are a couple of other variations that meet specific design specifications. The tube forming method manufactures metal tubes that are open on one or both ends and have uniform or varying wall thickness. When standard spinning does not meet complex design requirements, flow forming is used. It is a more advanced spinning process that allows variation in wall thickness of its products and produces a finished shape by working from the thickness of the starting blank, which creates a thinner part than the original starting perform. Finally, during hydroforming, instead of a mandrel, the metal flows around a punch by using a high pressure hydraulic system. All of these methods produce parts that don’t generate any wasted or scrap material and are manufactured in small to medium runs with short lead times. Since spin forming is a cold working process, the tensile strength and ductility of the metal is retained or increased after forming, meaning spun metal products fare well in a number of applications and environments.

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