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  • The Basics of Aluminum Metal Spinning

    Metal spinning is the art of transforming a flat piece of metal into a rounded object on a lathe. Metal spinning is often used to create prototypes for various industrial objects, including machine parts, kitchen pots and pans, and tools. The process of creating spun metal is fascinating. Learning more about the basics of blank aluminum spinning can help you understand a little more about the metalworking industry and how products are created. A special mandrel is fitted onto the metal lathe to help shape the metal as it spins...

  • Aluminum Spinning and Home Decor

    Products created as a result of aluminum spinning are all around us. From vases to lamps to bowls, spun aluminum is a popular metal used in home design. Metal decoration has become more popular in home decorating schemes in recent years, so metal spinning has been a booming industry in the domestic sector as well as in its more industrial applications. Spun aluminum is a popular metal used in home decoration because it can come in various finishes and shines. And with the versatility of applications in home furnishing options,...

  • Aluminum Spinning: Great Characteristics

    Aluminum is an ideal metal for many applications. It is useful because it is light in weight, is resistant to corrosion and can withstand very low temperatures. It is ideal because it is non-toxic, non-magnetic and a good conductor of electricity. Aluminum in its pure form is soft and pliable; however, alloys of aluminum (such as copper, iron, zinc, silicon or magnesium) are incredibly strong and very durable. Aluminum is also ideal because it has a clean and shiny appearance. Aluminum is often used in a metalworking process called metal...

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Aluminum Spinning

Aluminum spinning is a metalworking process in which a flattened disk of aluminum is spun around by a lathe and given shape with a number of tools. Metal spinning is just one of many metalworking processes used to create specially shaped metal products, but it is chosen above other processes because of its capacity for producing very high quality metal shapes.

Metal spinning produces axially symmetric, round metal shapes that are used in many ways in all kinds of contexts. Just a few spun metal products include rocket nose cones, bowls, architectural lighting components, ash trays, bird baths, furniture, waste receptacles and decorations like candle holders and trophies. Aluminum in particular is valued because of its strength and durability as well as its clean, shiny appearance. Also, because metal spinning is a cold working process, spun aluminum products are usually particularly strong, especially compared to products of hot working processes. Although aluminum metal spinning can be controlled by hand, computer numerical controlled metal spinners are more commonly used; CNC machines can produce very precise and defect-free products much more quickly than can manual metal spinner operators. CNC machines also ensure quality and consistency from part to part. When the forming of the part is controlled by hand, it can be a physically demanding process, requiring a great deal of practice.

Metal spinning is a fairly simple process on a conceptual level. It is a cold working process, which means that the metal shaping takes place at or near room temperature. Many other metalworking processes are performed at very high temperatures. Metals become easier to shape at very high temperatures, but the increased risk of oxidation and other undesirable consequences make hot working impractical in the formation of some kinds of metal products. Metal spinning involves a lathe, shaping tools and the metal material for spinning. This material is called a blank, and it is usually a flat round disc made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel or another metal. The blank is attached to the lathe, which spins around at high speeds in order to expose the entire blank to the shaping tools. The shaping tools then apply pressure in the appropriate places, shaping the metal as it spins. This pressure can be applied by a single tool or by multiple levers hydraulically. The finished aluminum product, if produced correctly, should have no wrinkling or warble due to the high speed of rotation on the lathe. The process is cost-effective and quick, with the average aluminum piece only requiring about five to ten minutes to complete.

Aluminum Spinning
Aluminum Spinning
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