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  • Shear Spinning Products Never Require Welding

    Shear spinning, also referred to as shear forming, is a manufacturing process similar to that of metal spinning. During the shear spinning process the final area of the spun piece is almost equal to the original flat sheet metal. During the process, however, the wall thickness of the metal is reduced. Maintaining the thickness of the wall is achieved by controlling the small gap between the mandrel and roller. When selecting the roller design, the technician must consider all of his or her choices. Affecting the shape, wall thickness and...

  • The Art of Shear Spinning

    Shear spinning or shear forming is another name for metal spinning. Metal spinning is the process of shaping flat discs of metal into useful 3D shapes for a variety of industries. The shear spinning equipment uses a system much like a traditional wood lathe, but instead of a chuck the spinner does not move, and rather than a cutting tool, a spinning roll is used to shape the metal into the desired finished pieces. Industries all over the world still use metal spinning and shear forming in their factory production...

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Shear Spinning

Shear spinning is a form of flow forming that produces conic or contoured, hollow metal products that have a uniform or purposely varied wall thickness. It is a cold working process, meaning the metal retains its ductility and tensile strength because it is not heated during forming. The finished products are round in cross section, lightweight and have a very smooth exterior and interior surface finish.

Like flow formed parts, shear spun products never require welding and are formed out of one preformed part called a blank, which is a flat piece of metal. The metal can either be punched with a hole in its middle, or it can be left completely solid. In the former case, this would result in a spun metal product with two openings – one above and one below. In the latter case, the spun product would feature only one opening. Many different metals can be shear spun, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and titanium. Common shear spun products include rocket hose cones, gas turbine engines and dish aerials. The heating, cooling, architectural, food and beverage, agricultural, chemical and lighting industries also use the cone-shaped metal products that are formed by shear spinning.

The shear spinning process starts with manufacturing the blank, which is a preformed part made by deep drawing, stamping or press forming. It is a flat piece of metal that is engineered to ensure there is exactly enough material to form the final shape’s dimensions. The blank is then sheared by rollers over a rotating mandrel. Higher force is needed from the spinning machine during this process in comparison to standard metal spinners. While the diameter of the blank doesn’t change, the thickness decreases depending on the angle of the mandrel and the gap between the rollers and the mandrel. This differs from standard metal spinning, where the thickness of the blank does not change. The wall thickness of the part is customized to certain stress requirements. The finished product has smooth interior and exterior surfaces without any secondary manufacturing processes, including additional buffing, shining or polishing. No welding is needed during shear spinning and very little scrap metal is produced since the part is formed from a single blank. Different metals have varying degrees of spinnability, or the ability to undergo shear spinning without reaching maximum tensile strength.

Shear Spinning
Shear Spinning
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