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  • The Old-fashioned Spinning of a Copper Teakettle

    Copper spinning is the process of creating a rounded copper object on a spinning metal lathe. Some factories still employ the use of individual human spinners to shape the copper pieces. Other factories have switched out human spinners for machine-operated spinning machines, which can create more precise and exact results from the metal every time. I had the opportunity to observe a human copper spinning operator a few days ago as he completed the manufacturing of a copper tea kettle. I was amazed at the skill and techniques that he...

  • Sheet Metal Spinning is Fundamental to Metalworking

    Sheet metal is a fundamental component of the metalworking process. Whether it be a hot working process or a cold working process it can be cut, bent and molded in to many different shapes. Sheet metal is simply a vary flat piece of metal that can vary in thickness from a very thin foil or to a sheet metal plate, more than 6 mm. Sheet metals can be made of any metal that can be made into sheet form; however ductile metals are preferred because they bend and stretch before...

  • Spinning Large: Sheet Metal Spinning

    Sheet metal spinning is the process of shaping one solid sheet of metal into a shaped piece that can be used for a variety of different tasks, such as light housing, wheel bases, industrial parts, and more. Generally, sheet metal spinning is done on a smaller scale, but for some uses, huge pieces of metal are used. Spinning larger pieces of metal is rather difficult, and so it is often done by hand with human workers rather than machines. The process of shaping large pieces of sheet metal is complicated...

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Sheet Metal Spinning

The metal spinning process is done by metal spinning manufacturers while designing preforms for new products because it is fast and inexpensive. It is usually done by hand, especially during the production of prototypes that are not intended for mass production. While any metal can be used that is able to take sheet form, copper, titanium, aluminum and stainless steel are the best suited materials because they are ductile, meaning they will stretch and bend before they break. Sheet metal spinning can form products that are bell-shaped, spherical, tubular or cylindrical, including bowls, colanders, pots, tank heads, decorative and ornamental products, funnels, pressure vessels, lighting and lamp housings and even bells. Metal spinning manufacturers design these products for the food and beverage, lighting, marine, military, aerospace, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

The sheet metal spinning process begins when the sheet is cut to a certain size and attached to a lathe mandrel, which spins at very high rpm. The sheet metal is then slowly forced with hand held tools and rollers to form over the mandrel, and it slowly takes the shape of the desired part. This may be a physically demanding job, depending on the size and thickness of the part, type of metal and experience of the metal spinner. Each product takes between five and ten minutes to complete, and there is little to no waste or scrap generated. The final product has a smooth exterior and interior, high shine and no wrinkling or warbling. Spin forming of any kind is a cold working process, meaning the metal is not heated and is worked at or around room temperature. Therefore, the tensile strength and ductility of the metal is retained or increased after forming, which means that spun metal products fare well in a number of applications and environments.

Sheet Metal Spinning
Sheet Metal Spinning
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Sheet Metal Spinning - Acme Metal Spinning Inc.

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