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  • Charlotte, NC

    Bosch Rexroth is a global leader in manufacturing industrial hydraulics, including proportional and servo valves. Directional control, high response, flow control, pressure relief, pressure reducing, and servo valves name some of our products. Our rugged valves are a perfect fit your electrohydraulic control applications. A variety of models are available for your viewing on our website.

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  • Houston, TX

    An employee-owned company, Hydraquip is a distributor of fluid power products, including hydraulic motors from Hydro-Gear, Hydrokraft, Rineer Hydraulics, Rotary Power, Sauer Danfoss, Ultra, Vickers and Von Ruden. Since 1951, we have been serving the fluid power industry.

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  • Marysville, OH

    Parker's Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division provides a broad selection of piston pumps, hydraulic motors and power units that help our customers meet their industrial and mobile application needs. If you are looking for cutting-edge hydraulic motors that offer superior performance and exceptional value, Parker's Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division is your trusted partner.

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  • Covina, CA

    Founded 40 years ago, Innerspace designs, develops and manufactures top-quality, efficient propulsion systems for marine vehicles. Our product capabilities include hydraulic products such as hydraulic motors and customized hydraulic systems. Check out our website for more information.

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  • Virginia Beach, VA

    For over 50 years, MacTaggert Scott has been in the hydraulic motor business. Our radial piston hydraulic motors are used in various markets such as marine, offshore and defense. If you are looking for a hydraulic motor that runs quietly and efficiently, MacTaggert Scott is your answer. Call us today!

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Small Hydraulic Motors Industry Information

Small Hydraulic Motors

Small hydraulic motors are mechanisms that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy that can be used to power various machines. Small hydraulic motors have small stroke lengths, which is the distance that the piston moves inside the cylinder to achieve its extended state.

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How Small Hydraulic Motors Work

When the hydraulic fluid is pumped into the bottom chamber of a small hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod is pushed up, pushing the hydraulic fluid in the other chamber back into the reservoir. This process pressurizes the chamber and extends the piston to its full length, giving the hydraulic cylinder its ability to push. The piston’s full measurement, or stroke length, in small hydraulic motors, maybe less than an inch. Although they retain all of the capabilities of larger hydraulic cylinders, small hydraulic motors are typically used in applications requiring high precision, as in military operations or robotics. Regardless of the size of a hydraulic motor, certain considerations must always be thought through while building and before using one. Proper fluids must always be used and checked for compatibility with the metal material of the motor. All of the relief valves, pumps, and fluid reservoirs should be checked. Such precautions ensure that a hydraulic motor will function at its optimum level for the longest time.

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