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  • Blanchester, OH 937-783-2411

    At Fulflo Specialties, they strive to achieve and sustain through continuous improvement along with the highest quality products and services. At Fulflo, their experienced staff will work closely with you to help find the perfect hydraulic relief valve to match your requirements and specifications. For all of your needs, call or visit their website today so they can begin assisting you.

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  • Bossier City, LA 318-425-0266

    Since 1993 Valveworks USA has been a leading manufacturer in Gate Valves and Actuators, along with providing replacement parts, aftermarket services, and short-term delivery services. We strive to provide the best customer service and quality through in-house engineering and quality management.

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  • Tulsa, OK 888-628-8258

    Trust ISO 9001 certified OCV Control Valves for your hydraulic valve needs. We offer high performance products on a global scale with personalized service. As a designer & manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, and a leader in the control valve industry, we know how to satisfy a broad range of applications with check valves, pressure relief & sustaining valves & solenoid control valves.

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Hydraulic Relief Valve Industry Information

Hydraulic Relief Valve

Hydraulic relief valves are used to limit the pressure in a hydraulic system. They achieve this result by allowing the pressurized hydraulic fluid to flow out of the system into an auxiliary passage.

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Design of Hydraulic Relief Valves

In hydraulic control systems, the relief valve acts as a check valve, with a ball and an adjustable spring. When a relief valve opens to divert fluid into an auxiliary passage, the pressure inside the hydraulic cylinder drops and allows the valve to close. A hydraulic system will often employ several types of valves, although the hydraulic relief valve is usually the first encountered in the circuit. Hydraulic relief valves can be found in almost any mechanism that runs on hydraulic power, such as automobile transmissions, brakes, power steering, aviation and in industrial and construction machinery.

Materials Used in Hydraulic Relief Valves

Relief valves are built from the same basic materials that most hydraulic valves are made from. The strong and corrosion resistant metals that are most common are stainless steel, aluminum, iron, brass and copper. Aluminum and stainless steel are thin, lightweight and flexible, while still retaining the strength necessary to control the flow of liquid. Usually when a heavy metal like iron is used for the body of a valve, one of those two lighter metals is still used for the disc or plunger. Plastic is also used, particularly thermoplastics that are developed specifically to be used as valve material. Although they are not as resistant to corrosion as metal, they are cheaper. It’s all about options.

Process of Hydraulic Relief Valves

Hydraulic relief valves protect hydraulic systems from being exposed to high pressures that exceed the mechanism's specified limits. A relief valve is placed at the entrance to a separate tube and is set to only open when a certain amount of pressure is applied, which can only be applied if there is too much liquid or gas in the chamber or pipe. An auxiliary passage, which is where the relief valve sends the extra liquid or gas to relieve the pressure in a mechanism, is usually just an extra pipe that leads to a chamber where most likely the fluid is burned and the gas left over is released into the atmosphere.

This is a particular necessity in the chemical and petrochemical manufacturing industry, as well as in petroleum refining plants, natural gas processing and power generation industries. If the pressure in a hydraulic pump exceeds its designed pressure limit, internal leakage or damage to the pump components can occur. Depending on what the liquid is, such leaks could also cause serious damage to individuals in the vicinity and the environment.

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Fulflo Releases New Relief Valves

Fulflo Specialties Company now offers the ultimate protection for bearings, seals, and piping systems. Fulflo offers innovative hydraulic bypass/relief valves used in lubricating bearing systems, backpressure control, pressure regulations, and pump system protection. The valves range in size between 3/8ths of an inch to over 4 inches, which provides flow control up to 600 gallons per minute. Fulflo valves are designed for liquid use only, but can handle any liquid viscosity. Their flexible design makes them mountable in any position without affecting the performance of the valve or causing chatter.... Read More About This