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  • Elgin, IL 847-429-0700

    For 100 years, Bucher Hydraulics Inc. has specialized in hydraulic systems, including products such as hydraulic motors and hydraulic power units. Applications include concrete pumps, forage wagons, harvesters, lifting devices, recycling machines, door openers, log splitters, and many others.

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  • West Chester, OH 888-651-5712

    Since 1967, Hydrotech has provided industries with innovative solutions for their fluid power needs. Our listing of hydraulic motors are manufactured by Bosch Rexroth, Rineer Hydraulics and White Drive Hydraulics. For more information call our experienced team of technicians and sales support!

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  • Sturtevant, WI 262-321-0676

    Poclain Hydraulics manufactures hydraulic motors, hydrostatic transmissions and high-torque cam-lobe motors, which are used in agriculture, construction equipment, industry, marine and material handling applications. Our innovative company culture motivates us to pursue progress and excellence in everything we do. Contact Poclain today to learn more!

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  • Traverse City, MI 231-929-1660

    Since 1921, The Oilgear Company has specialized in hydraulic equipment. Our specialties include hydraulic motors, hydraulic power systems and other hydraulic systems. We are headquartered in Wisconsin and have facilities all over the world. We provide the global industry with top-quality fluid power solutions. To learn more, call or visit our website to speak with an Oilgear representative.

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High Speed Hydraulic Motors Industry Information

High Speed Hydraulic Motors

High-speed hydraulic motors convert hydraulic pressure into force rapidly, thereby generating large amounts of power. Hydraulic motors use moving fluids to create vacuum suction, creating enough power for several different functions simultaneously; a single pump can power several different motors.

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How Hydraulic Motors Work

High speed hydraulic motors are simple machines that are composed of a reservoir, a pump, and rotating machinery. A line connects the pump to a motor that draws the fluid, which is usually oil, from a reservoir and into the motor. The fluid forces motion by the moveable parts of the motor as it rotates. The rotation of the motor turns a coupled shaft which provides mechanical motion; the motor serves as the actuator that converts the pressure of the fluid into torque and rotational energy. The fluid is discharged, filtered and reused.

Types of Hydraulic Motors

There are three main kinds of hydraulic motors: gear, vane, and piston. The differences among them are related to how the hydraulic fluid causes motion. Gear motors have interlocking gears that are rotated by streams of oil or water, the two most common fluids being pumped down onto the teeth. Vane motors have flat blades that move in and out of slots in a rotating wheel, and piston type hydraulic motors have at least two pistons that transfer pressure back and forth to generate power. Radial piston motors are very efficient but have limited high speed capabilities. High speed hydraulic motors can provide energy for many different functions simultaneously because of the amount of power they can generate and their efficiency; one pump in a system can power several motors.

High Speed Hydraulic Motor Applications

Hydraulics motors of any size can produce greater amounts of power than similarly-sized electric motors and are used for large loads. High speed hydraulic motors offer even more energy which further widens the gap between hydraulic and electric motors. These motors are part of a hydraulic drive system along with hydraulic pumps, tubes, and cylinders. The main enclosure and interior components are made from metal such as steel or iron, so they can withstand high pressures and operating speeds. High-speed hydraulic motors are widely used in aircraft, vehicles, industrial lifting, and machinery that require strong pressurized actions. When used in a suitable system, high speed hydraulic motors are able to accomplish large amounts of work in short periods of time. Additionally, hydraulic motors are frequently used in automated manufacturing systems, trenchers, automobiles, construction equipment, marine winches, waste management, recycling processes, wheel motors for military vehicles, self-driven cranes, forestry excavators, agriculture, conveyor and auger systems, dredging, and industrial processing.

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