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Leading Companies:

  • Waukesha, WI 800-798-9228

    XACT Wire EDM Corp. is one of the largest and most experienced Wire EDM Companies in the country. Our Wire EDM manufacturing capabilities include a large number of high-end machines with two locations offering advanced CMM and video inspection. We work with a wide variety of customers in the medical, defense, aerospace, automation, robotics industries as well as many companies in the metal machining, tooling & stamping industries. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Buffalo, MN 763-682-6474

    Aurora Micro Machine has capabilities to provide exceptional micro EDM machining services. Perfectly round or shaped holes, from .0008" to .080". Value-added solutions for materials such as titanium, stainless steel, brass, inconel, cobalt, diamond, platinum, nickel and more.

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  • Placentia, CA 714-524-3360

    Providing the industry’s fastest and efficient machining, American Wire EDM offers affordable and accurate EDM and waterjet cutting services. We will cut any conductive material and all exotic metals. With applications in the medical, aerospace, and tool and die industries, our work is guaranteed to meet your highest expectations. We offer cutting-edge facilities and extremely competitive pricing.

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  • Rochester Hills, MI 248-852-0300

    Quasar Industries provides EDM, high speed edm, wire electrical discharge machining and wire EDM services. Quasar Industries has more knowledge, expertise and experience in producing precision-quality, prototype and short run production parts than any other company.

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Sinker EDM Industry Information

Sinker EDM

Sinker EDM goes by many names, including conventional EDM, plunge EDM, and ram EDM. It produces parts by eroding materials in the path of an EDM tool using electrical discharges (or sparks) that can generate heat anywhere from eight to twenty thousand degrees. One of the two major types of EDM, sinker EDM differs from its counterpart wire EDM in terms of the type of electrode used. Common sinker EDM electrodes include machined graphite, copper tungsten and brass.

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Applications of Sinker EDM

Industries commonly served by electrical discharge machining include aerospace, medical, tool and die, automobile, and military. Die sinking EDM is ideal for such applications as injection mold tooling, micro hole drilling, keyways, washers, and scientific research apparatus. Unlike wire EDM, which can only be used in the processing of 2D parts, sinker EDM has the capability of machining 3D pieces. It does not require the pre-drilling of a hole for the electrode and so can be used for more complex geometries.

How Sinker EDM Works

Consisting of an electrode and a work piece (the material being processed), the EDM electrode is used to generate a series of sparks and is connected to the work piece through a power supply. There is a highly conductive path established between the electrode and the work piece which creates an intense electric field that melts away the material. The electrodes and the work piece do not come into contact with each other but rather the dielectric bath conducts the current to melt away the material and then flushes away the unwanted debris.

Benefits of Using Sinker EDM

One of the biggest advantages to using EDM machining is its ability to create complex and intricate parts with a high degree of accuracy. In CNC EDM processes, CNC machines are used to guide, monitor, and control the EDM process, as well as CAD and CAM software. It can be applied to hard materials, such as stainless steel, copper, graphite, and other metals that are difficult to successfully machine with other conventional methods. Furthermore, as there is no contact between the machine tools and the work piece, there is less chance for process damage to the part. It is not deformed by impact or by heat, nor are there burrs that need to be removed through secondary machining. Sinker EDM is used for more complex geometries where electrodes are used to erode the desired shape into the part or assembly. Sinker EDM has another advantage over wire EDM in that sinker EDM does not necessarily cut all the way through the material, thus producing parts that wire EDM cannot.