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  • Rochester Hills, MI

    Quality manufacturing services since 1950. Our extensive capabilities include various types of machining. We have made a huge investment in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology to stay on the cutting edge with a full range of EDM machines for your wire, sinker, and small hole EDM needs.

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  • Farmers Branch, TX

    With over 75 years of experience, Applegate EDM has been looking for new ways to bring its customers innovative, high quality products and wire EDM services. At Applegate EDM, we are committed to assisting you with any wire EDM or small hole EDM services you may need, no matter how big or small. For more information, visit our website or call Applegate today.

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  • Franklin, MA

    We are the experts when it comes to EDM drilling. We provide close tolerance and high precision processes for creating simple and complex patterns. Our staff is well trained in customer service in order to offer you the best in the industry. We are an ISO certified company and that means you get quality in all aspects of the services we are able to provide you. For more information on what we may be able to do for you, visit our website today!

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  • Tucker, GA

    We serve a broad variety of markets including medical EDM, aerospace, precision machining, EDM wire cut for electronics, food and beverage as well as many others. We do EDM drilling and we do it well! As a company we are dedicated to being able to provide you with a price and delivery estimate on your products with in four hours of request. For more information on what we may be able to do for you, visit our website or send our staff a custom email today!

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  • Croydon, PA

    B-TEC solutions is a dynamic, technology and data-driven company that brings together the tools, equipment and top talent in the industry. The ultimate in speed and precision, our EDM complement includes state-of-the-art Wire, RAM and Drilling.

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Finding the Perfect, Reliable Method

When it comes to finding the perfect method of electric discharge machining, there are many options that must be evaluated. However, one of the more popular methods is wire EDM. In this process, a small hole is drilled into the material to be formed. Once drilled, the wire is slipped through sparks will begin to melt away the unwanted material, leaving the perfect product as a result. Where it is especially popular, is with all of those incredibly difficult and hard metals that can be nearly impossible to machine with... Read More

Conventional EDM Shop Capabilities

Conventional EDM, the alternative method to wire EDM can go by so many names. It is often referred to as plunge, sinker or ram EDM. No matter the name, the method of them is the same. Conventional EDM is used to create and shape metal parts by eroding parts of the surface with brass electrodes. These electrodes take the form of sparks and are able to reach a heat ranging from 8 to 20 thousand degrees. Both wire and conventional EDM can create precise and detailed products, conventional EDM is... Read More

Using EDM on the Smallest Surfaces, Micro EDM

Around tenth grade, when I finally got sick of having to sit in the front of the classroom to see the board or else nudge the person next to me asking what it said, I decided to get glasses. Well, contacts, because I thought my head looked too weird in glasses, but eventually I did get glasses too. When I finally got my first pair I couldn't help but notice the tiny screws that were in the sides of many, or the miniscule writing others contained. One of the ways... Read More

EDM for Drilling

Imagine a spending a whole day without using your phone, your laptop or your radio. While twenty years ago this would have been easy, today it is next to impossible. Yet, how often do we take the time to appreciate the intricate detail they contain? Take for example, the small holes in our phone, computer or radio that allow sound to come out. Everyday we are running into products that EDM is able to make molds for. The process could easily be applied to the tiny holes in our phone... Read More

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EDM Drilling

EDM drilling is a specialized tooling process that creates holes in metal parts and products by using electrical energy in the form of sparks to erode the metal. It is an alternative to conventional drilling methods when the material is too strong and resistant as it is an effective machining method for even hard materials such as polycrystalline diamond stock, magnet materials and carbide.

Also known as electrical discharge machining drilling, EDM drilling is accomplished one of two ways - ram EDM and small hole EDM, both of which use an electrode that shoots out electrical charge or sparks which are hot enough to erode away any metal. Holes can be made on curved and angular surfaces, and they are drilled quickly, with accuracy and completely straight. Any electrically conductive material may be drilled by this method, including aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, zinc, tin, titanium, gold, lead, silver, iron and bronze. Applications that make use of EDM drilling capabilities include for the creating of holes in turbine blades, fuel injectors, cutting tool coolant holes, hardened punch ejector holes, plastic mold vent holes and wire EDM starter holes which are necessary to start the process of wire cutting using electrical discharge machining. Precise and small holes are required in many different products and therefore EDM machining is used widely in the manufacturing, medical, automotive and aerospace industries.

The EDM drilling process begins with a round, hollow electrode made of brass or a similar metal, which then rotates around a spindle and shoots out electrical sparks that are extremely hot. The metal part or product is clamped down tight so it cannot move, and computer numeric controlled software determines the direction in which the electrode will point. A dielectric fluid bath, usually water based, is used to conduct the electrical current and to reduce the process temperature. It also washes away the eroded material debris and prevents any premature sparking which would result in an imprecise finish. When the electrical sparks, created by a servo-controlled generator, shoot out of the tip, an electric field is created in the gap between the electrode and metal work piece. The surface is slowly eroded by this electrical energy, forming microscopic pockets that eventually form a perfect hole. Hole diameters may be anywhere from 0.03 to 400 mm, and have the option to be extremely deep-up to 100 times the hole diameter. This is a key benefit in EDM drilling, as standard drilling is confined to depths 5 to 6 times the hole's diameter. Those that drill long or large holes through hard materials are often equipped with an automatic electrode changer because they tend to wear out quickly. Though it is costly to replace the electrodes used, this process of EDM drilling is still a cost effective solution to many drilling needs.

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