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Silicone dip coating is a subcategory of dip coating. Dip coating is a process during which manufacturers immerse finished metal products into a molten plastic or elastomer in order to coat them with a new exterior. Silicone is a synthetic rubber made up primarily of silicon, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.

Silicone dip coating is a newer dip coating process that has really come into its own over the last few decades. It has become popular because silicone has so many great qualities and does not contain potentially harmful chemicals like phthalates. It is highly adhesive, and once cured, it proves to be durable, soft, thermally stable, watertight and water repellant, fade resistant and electrically insulative.

The qualities of silicone lend it well to dip coated applications in the electrical, automotive, food and plumbing worlds. For use those settings, manufacturers often dip coat items like: electrical cables and tubing, coated glass bakeware, handles, seals and gaskets. Silicone dip coated products are especially popular in the medical device industry. Examples of silicone coated medical devices include: syringes, cannulas, catheters and needles. Find out if silicone dip coating is right for you by talking to one or more of the dip coating specialists we have listed on this page.

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