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  • Sellersville, PA 800-398-2520

    Whatever your dip molding application, we got you covered. We’ve been molding with care since 1977 and our reputation for quick turnaround times and superior quality continues to thrive! We can custom produce and deliver any item within a week, and standard made rush jobs can arrive in as little as two days. We make our molds on-site using two fully automated production lines, offering a myriad of colors, shapes and applications. Call us! Our service is unmatched.

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  • Waterbury, CT 203-805-4564

    Precision Dip Coating offers top quality dip molding at a cost that works for you! We offer our services to a diverse group of industries; we’re able to fabricate just about every protective covering or coating imaginable. Our plastisol dip molding processes include: hot dip, cold dip, cast and rotational molding. Our on-site staff looks forward to working with you to determine what process will produce the best and most economical product for you. Don’t wait any longer; call Precision Dip!

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  • New Carlisle, OH 888-777-8320

    At Carlisle Plastics, we are proud of what we’ve been doing since 1958-making exceptional dip molded and coated parts and delivering outstanding customer service. We offer stock colors, durometers, shapes and sizes. Most orders with stock shapes or sizes will not receive added set-up or tooling fees! Check with a representative to learn more. We also welcome requests for color matching and custom durometers and shapes. With Carlisle, no job is too big or too small. We look forward to your call!

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  • Auburn Hills, MI 800-482-1842

    Rubber & Plastics Co. specializes in dip molding and coating parts in a variety of rubber and plastic materials. In the game for over 60 years, from prototype to high quantity production, we know what we’re doing. Our stock and custom parts, such as end caps to prevent damage, and shields to block out noise, dirt or moisture, are endlessly useful. No matter your application or industry, spec, color or durometer, we’ve got you covered. Call us today for high quality dip molding!

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  • Medway, MA 508-533-6101

    Innovative Coating, Inc. sits on over 30,000 square feet of Massachusetts land, where we produce diverse work every day, from low volume prototype and design work, to millions of precision made parts on our CNC lines. We offer plastisol dip molding, dip coating, fluid bed powder coatings and a number of secondary operations. We will custom design and dip mold anything you need, matching color, finish, durometer, mil-spec, toxicity levels, UV stability and industry grades. Let’s get started!

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  • San Antonio, TX 508-533-6101

    Texas Dip Molding and Coating offers you exactly what you need-quality dip molding that enhances your product’s appearance and performance. Among other things, our plastisol dip molding provides corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance, non-slip surfacing, insulation and imperviousness to most alkalines and acids. Our in-house tooling and fabrication department will work quickly to approve your prototype and get it to you at a cost within your budget. Call today for a quote.

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Plastic Tips

Plastic tips are used to seal the end of bars, nozzles and tubes in numerous consumer products and commercial pieces of equipment. They are made in many shapes and sizes to match the application they are being fitted to. Tabs are sometimes built on the tips so that they can quickly be pulled off if needed. Round plastic tips are made to fit over the ends of small tubes and pipes to keep out dirt or keep liquids in. Manufacturers mass produce plastic tips in standard sizes, and some will engineer custom tips for another company that requires them for a new product.

Some tips are threaded and screw on to the outside of a pipe or tube to cover the end, while other tips are more like a plug that fits snugly into the end of the tube to protect the inside. Plastic tips are usually manufactured using one of the following methods: plastic dip molding, plastic injection molding, or plastic tube extrusion. In the plastic dip molding process, a heated mandrel is dipped into a pool of liquefied plastic where some of the plastic adheres to the mandrel. The mandrel is then removed and heated again to allow the plastic to fuse. The plastic is then allowed to cool, and it is removed from the mandrel, leaving the final product. By varying mandrel temperature, dip time, and dip speed, a variety of different material properties can be achieved. With plastic injection molding, a liquified plastic material is, instead, injected into a mold that forms the exact shape of the plastic tip. Once the material cools, it can be removed from the mold. Any excess plastic is usually trimmed off before the process is finished. When tips are created using plastic tube extrusion, the material is heated, and it is stretched over an object that holds it in place and then pressed into the correct shape. Less heat is required when this method is used, and it can be much faster than plastic injection molding if the process is properly optimized.

Plastic tips can be dyed during the manufacturing process if they need to match the color of the product that they are being created for. Plumbers often use small plastic tips to seal off pipe lines or to create an access point for future maintenance. Some tips are created to be used as a re-sealable cover for liquid products that can be poured or squirted from a container. Larger plastic tips are manufactured to sit snugly over chair legs to protect floors from being scratched by sliding furniture.

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