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  • Sellersville, PA

    U.S. Plastic Coatings Corp. is an expert plastic dip coating company that excels in dipping parts of all shapes, sizes, and applications. A host of services including prototyping, testing, printing, and labeling are just some of the ways U.S. Plastic Coatings can save you time and money on your plastic dipped parts. Visit our website for more info or call today!

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  • Waterbury, CT

    Here at Precision Dip Coating, we specialize in innovative solutions for all plastic coating needs. Decorative and protective, our services are very cost effective and we have a proven track record for on time delivery and precise manufacturing. We can match any color you need, and offer services such as assembly, die cutting, packaging, and decorating.

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  • New Carlisle, OH

    We specialize in plastic dip coating services for dozens of different industries. A wide range of stock PVC colors and durometers are offered. We also offer color matching, custom colors and special order durometers. In addition, we offer imprinting, punching, cutting, and various value added services in an effort to be your one stop shop for all things dip coating.

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  • Auburn Hills, MI

    Rubber & Plastics Company is a top plastic dip coating company that can assist in the design and development to plastic coat your unique specifications. Our fifty year plus track record proves our ability to maintain uniformity and accuracy in a wide variety of parts that meet the highest of quality standards.

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  • Medway, MA

    With over 40 years of successful experience in plastic dip coating, we have earned our reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and the highest levels of customer service. Our expert staff would be happy to assist in problem solving any project you have. We offer many services after the initial coatings, and our staff would be happy to quote your project or assist you with your ideas.

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  • San Antonio, TX

    Based in San Antonio, Texas, we are an experienced service provider of plastic dipped parts. Our high quality coating increases the life of your product, and maximizes flexibility and strength. When you need a dip molding solution, turn to Texas Dip Molding & Coating for our experience and wide range of capabilities. We are happy to assist on your next project!

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  • Quakertown, PA

    Plastic Dip Moldings is one reliable plastic dip molded parts source, accomplishing what other plastic processes can’t. As dip molding is highly cost effective for even prototypes & short runs, this company offers all the services you want from prototype to mass production with very low cost tooling. No set up fees & 24 hour Prototype Services! For PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) components, call today!

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Plastic Dip Coating

Plastic dip coating covers metals with a thick, wear-resistant plastic finish that protects the surface of the metal from moisture and air to prevent corrosion. A metal part or piece of equipment is dipped in a plastic solution and then removed for an even coating. There are several methods for plastic dip coating that include: hot dip coating in a fluidized bed of polymer powder, hot dip coating a product in a vinyl plastisol, and spraying polymer powder on a heated product. The method that is used usually depends on the needs of the product being created or the metal being treated.

For hot dip coating in a fluidized bed of polymer powder, the metal is thoroughly cleaned and then placed in an oven where it is heated to a high temperature. This heat melts the polymer powder, bonding it to the metal surface when it is dipped in the fluidized bed. The metal polymer adheres to the surface and the metal is given time to cool, leaving it evenly coated with a smooth plastic finish. Hot dip coating in vinyl plastisol is a very similar process, except the object is dipped in liquid that contains PVC particles. After drying, the material needs time to cure on the metal to ensure that it adheres properly. The third plastic dip coating method is spraying polymer powder onto a heated product. This is also known as flock spraying. Since some objects are just too large to be coated by dipping them, a spray is used because it is more practical. The part is still heated so that the spray melts and adheres to it on contact. The product must be reheated if there is any partially melted spray left at the end of the process. The process can be completed several times to add layers of protection to the metal.

Dip coating applications include hand tools, toys, medical instruments, electrical equipment and plumbing fittings. A plastic coating that adheres directly to the metal can significantly improve the lifespan of a product by providing airtight protection from corrosion.

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