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  • Uxbridge, MA

    We understand that getting your case to the right place in one piece is of the utmost importance to you. That is why we use the highest quality materials for our shipping cases. If a standard stock case is not safe enough for your needs, we can even make one just for you! Your customers will be happy, and so will you. And if you’re happy, we’re happy! Give us a call to learn more!

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  • Clinton, IA

    Custom-Pak produces over 10 million shipping cases per year, offering the best value combined with a huge selection of options for shipping cases, consumer product packaging & stock cases. Design team provides the perfect fit for all your important & sensitive items, meeting requirements such as flame retardance, electro-static dissipation, FDA medical or food approvals.

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  • Sherman, TX

    With domestic manufacturing facilities in the USA, China and Thailand, Royal Case Company is one of the industry's most widespread shipping case manufacturers. Royal Case Company provides a unique combination of security, resilience and cost-effectiveness with its shipping case products. Samples are available in as little as 24 hours. Get in touch with us today!

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  • Santa Maria, CA

    With complete responsibility for shipping cases from start to finish, Princeton Case West serves as comprehensive shipping case manufacturers. As a leader among shipping case companies, Princeton Case West offers complete in-house services for a competitive edge. Princeton Case West provides varied shipping cases including aluminum shipping cases, custom shipping cases and plastic shipping cases.

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  • West Chester, PA

    With being in the shipping case business for over 49 years, Packateers, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer for shipping cases. Whatever you may be looking for, Packateers, Inc. has any size, color shape that you can think of. Our excellent customer service and quality products will not disappoint you. Visit our website today for a complete product list and capabilities.

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  • Chicago, IL

    We manufacture the very best shipping cases. From soft sewn cases to hard cases we provide it all. We even offer secondary services including sewing, assembly, and kitting. We are a turnkey manufacturer that is tailor to your needs. For high performance cases turn to Custom Case Company. We look forward to working with your business.

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Custom Case Group: We'll Make You the Perfect Case

Shipping Cases Custom Case Group is a leading provider of reusable shipping cases from Pelican, Anvil, Zarges and Wilson. We have a variety of plastic, aluminum or wood/composite cases to choose from to best suit your application needs. Our highly trained design staff uses various materials and methods to construct a top of the line case used in countless industries ranging from military to medical, aerospace, OEM, oil and gas, and hazmat. No matter your application needs, Custom Case Group can provide a solution to protect and secure your goods... Read More

For A Nice Surprise

As people graduate from college and begin to find jobs out in the real world', you start to really realize how big the world is as jobs are taken across the country or possibly at completely new locations around the globe. And while we realize how large it is, we also notice how small it has become thanks to modern advancements in technology. We can quickly communicate with friends that are incredibly far away through emails and cell phone calls. It becomes easier to maintain relationships and keep in touch.... Read More

Being a Careful Scientist

When I was younger, I always thought it would be fun to be a scientist. First of all, most people would assume you were a genius, and second you would just get to learn and study all of the time. (Yes, I realize now how dorky and hard it sounds, but in elementary school it didn't sound so bad). I even asked for a microscope for one of my birthday gifts. It was very cool (I think I used it a total of three times ), and came in a... Read More

Shipping Cases to Save Christmas

Shipping items these days can be incredibly stressful. This past winter, my mom sent a package down to me while I was staying for a week in Florida. It was a small Christmas tree and ornaments for me to set up for my Grandparents that live there and didn't have one. The large box it was sent in was completely destroyed. It had been smashed up badly on the trip down. Luckily the tree and ornaments were in individual boxes inside the main box, and they weren't injured. Had any... Read More

Shipping Cases: From Here to There

Although we are in the era of technology where 99% of our communication and product information can be shared over the internet we still have a need for tradition shipping of physical goods. Whether you buy something online and have it shipped to your house or your company sends a large order of its products, physical mail is an everyday necessity. As we all know, when shipping a product it must be protected. The best way to protect the products is shipping cases. Depending on the object or products being... Read More

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Shipping Cases

Shipping cases are containers that are designed to hold and protect a wide range of items as they are being transported from one location to another. They have the important role of protecting their contents from shock, vibration, moisture, dust and other potentially damaging factors. Shipping cases are manufactured in many sizes, shapes and materials because of the high demand and necessity for such cases.

Shipping cases are typically meant to be reused to increase efficiency. They may be constructed from wood, aluminum, steel or plastics such as high density polyethylene (HDPE), fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP), carbon fiber, rotationally molded polyethylene or linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE).  Shipping cases have traditionally been fairly simple in design although custom and specialty cases are also widely used. Many are boxlike and have packing material inside such as packing peanuts, heavy foam, special racks, shelving or a lining made of paper, foam, rubber, wood shavings, plastic or other materials. Most industries use shipping cases because the majority of consumer, commercial and industrial products needs to be transported to a retail location or customer. Shipping cases are commonly used for electronic instruments, computers, monitors, screens, individual parts and tools as well as many other products. This type of case is particularly useful in safeguarding fragile items, such as medical, electronic and computer equipment.

Shipping cases can range from large basic crates to very customized and specific to the product. For sensitive, delicate or expensive items, the packing material inside is often custom cut foam that is specially made to fit securely around the item. Other available features include heavy duty swivel casters, twist latches, spring loaded handles, rubber gaskets around the doors for water resistance, recessed latches to meet military standards, molded lugs for secure stacking, shock mounts, enhanced and fortified steel or aluminum framing, buckles, straps, molded tracks for easy stacking or many other options. Because of the variation in materials, many different fabrication methods are used to create shipping cases. Wooden cases are formed using wooden slats that are fastened into the frame. This style of shipping case usually does not have a door that can be easily opened and closed; instead, a top or side panel is nailed shut after the product has been loaded.  Metal shipping cases are made from thick sheets of metal that have been fastened onto a metal frame. The corners are often reinforced with steel to counteract pressure applied during transportation. Plastic shipping cases are molded through a number of processes; FRP plastics have fibers that are first woven, knit, braided or stitched together before bonding to the surface of the matrix, a tough plastic.

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