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  • Fairfield, NJ

    Our company has a reputation for superior products, customer service, and dependability. All our fastener products are built to last, and we know that our customers appreciate our dedication to using the best materials and manufacturing techniques. If you would like to learn more about us, contact us by phone or email, or stop by our website today!

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  • Rocky River, OH

    We have been in business for a while, since 1948. At Earnest Machine Products, we can make custom stainless steel fasteners, carbon or alloy steel fasteners or even brass ones. View our on-line catalog and search for metric fasteners, nuts, bolts, washers, screws and other industrial fasteners.

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  • Strongsville, OH

    Stelfast® is an importer & manufacturer with the focus of providing industrial fasteners & truck parts at competitive prices. Our inventory includes a wide variety of nuts, bolts, washers, rods, truck parts & special fasteners to suit your fastener needs. Our knowledge & experience shows!

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  • Crystal Lake, IL

    For over 50 years, Eagle Fastener Corporation has been a leading industrial fastener. We have a vast variety of materials available for our customers, including brass, aluminum, and carbon steel. In addition, our strong connection with many suppliers over the years has made it so that there is almost no part we can’t get. Contact us for competitive prices, high-quality products, and excellent communication.

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Self Drilling Screws Industry Information

Self-Drilling Screw

In the ever-changing world of tools and equipment, there is one tool that has found a solid and secure place due to its ease of use and practicality. The self-drilling screw is one of those tools that we tend to overlook since it is so easy and convenient to use. All that is required is a driver and the screw in order to connect surfaces or secure a piece of equipment.

Since the invention of the screw over 300 years ago, there has always been one factor that was necessary in order to use it and that was the creation of a hole into which to insert it. This simple act increased the time on a job and the amount of necessary labor. The time, labor, and cost of this process led to the development of the self-drilling screw.

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What is a Self-Drilling Screw

As with all types of screws, there isn’t one easy answer to what is a self-drilling screw since there are so many varieties and types. In the simplest of terms, it is a screw that does not require any preparation to connect surfaces. Its point is designed to provide the threads to tightly secure it and make a tight connection.

The one differentiation between the types is the type of tip, which can be with or without a drill bit configuration. The drill bit version is capable of cutting into harder surfaces and is made from various types of hardened steel, much like an actual drill bit. All that is required is to affix the screw to the bit on a drill and drill in the screw.

Self-drilling screws without a drill bit tip have the same capabilities as all forms of the screw with the exclusion of the drill bit tip. In a screw without a drill bit tip, the threads run from the tip to the head or near the head. The distance between the threads varies depending on the types of materials the screw is designed to pierce.

Types of Self-Drilling Screws

When speaking about screws, it is impossible to cover all of the different kinds since they number into the multiple hundreds. Each technological advancement requires a new form of connecting tool, which leads to the introduction of a new type of screw.

This same rule applies to self-drilling screws. The differences between the types are determined by several factors, which include the type of head, threads, driver, length, materials, and other mechanical considerations. From screws for securing the roof to ones to secure industrial implements, there is a self-drilling screw designed to do the job.

Uses for Self-Drilling Screws

The ordinary simple screw is found in nearly every type of device or piece of equipment. They are used to make repairs, build buildings, and keep fences in place. As with all other types of screws, self-drilling screws are found in a wide range of applications. Their unique capability of drilling into a fabric or material without the need for preparation has made them the first choice for several projects.

As the rapid speed of society moves forward, all projects are required to be completed quickly with little effort. The self-drilling screw is the perfect tool for ease of operation and the swift completion of a job.