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  • Fasteners Used in the Sky

    The aerospace industry uses hundreds of fasteners for a variety of tasks, from keeping passengers safe inside seat belts to keeping the aircraft together with screws, rivets, and other fasteners. Each aircraft requires the use of a specific kind of fastener to keep passengers safe in the air. Most fasteners are made from a variety of metals to perform different tasks while in the air. Each metal has its own uses and benefits that make it the right choice for the job. Knowing your fastener options can help prevent accidents...

  • The Aerospace Industry and the Captive Fastener

    The manufacture of appliances, furniture, and even automobiles was revolutionized with the invention of the captive fastener. Fasteners themselves have been around for some time, as a fastener is really anything that helps hold two objects together. For example, a bolt and a screw are types of fasteners. But the captive fastener is something different. The captive fastener is embedded in one part of the object and then the other part of the object is then anchored inside the fastener. Aerospace fastener manufacturers have found the captive fastener to be...

  • The Ups and Downs of Manufacturing Aerospace Fasteners

    The numerous individuals and business that depend on aerospace fastener manufacturers range from the industries that design and build the air crafts to those that fly them not to mention the less than impressive average Joes like myself who are oftentimes passengers. Such manufacturers provide all of the necessary screws, bolts and any other related components that are used in the construction of an aircraft, including everything from those used in the landing gear to those keeping the window or aisle seats we sit in not to mention the nuts...

  • Flying High with Aerospace Fasteners

    The history of aerospace didn't start with the famous Wright bros; it started with a Sir George Cayley, who piped up one day in 1799 and proposed the idea of making something with a fixed wing and a horizontal and vertical tail sound familiar? It should, considering that pretty much spells out the modern airplane we fly today. And how grateful I am to him for getting the ball rolling on that invention, because I must admit, just thinking about flying on an airplane gets me excited. Unlike most people,...

  • Aerospace Fasteners: Save Money with Bin Stocking

    Aerospace fastener companies provide fasteners specifically for aerospace use. Certain specific fasteners are necessary for the aerospace industry, including buckles, bin fasteners, spring operated hooks, and a variety of other aerospace-specific fastening types. Because of the customized nature of the industry, many fastener companies only provide services and products for aerospace use. Many aerospace fastener companies work hard to fulfill every need of their clients. One of the services that some fastener companies offer is bin stocking. Bin stocking is a service that the fastener company provides that keeps up...

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Aerospace Fasteners

Aerospace fasteners are screws, bolts and other fastening tools made specifically for use in aircraft construction. Created through processes such as warm heading, cold heading and forging, these types of industrial fasteners are also used to hold landing gear, fuselage access panels and all other types of aircraft equipment.

All equipment, fixtures, pieces of furniture and other components on an aircraft must be secured in order to ensure safe flight. On commercial airliners, passenger seats must be bolted together and to the aircraft itself. In military aircraft like fighter jets, explosive bolts (also called pyrotechnic fasteners) or other advanced or specialty fasteners are used to secure ejectable canopies. In aircraft intended for use in zero gravity situations, as is the case in high-altitude research aircraft and space exploration vehicles, fasteners are essential for securing equipment. There are a few similarities between threaded aerospace fasteners and automotive fasteners. While aerospace fasteners manufactured in the United States are available in strength grades, automotive fasteners are categorized in diameters. Steel and stainless steel are almost always used in the manufacture of automotive fasteners, while titanium is more common in aerospace applications.

There are many Aerospace fastener varieties. Some contain spiral ridges called threads that aid in the attachment of the fasteners. Continuous-thread studs, with two nuts applied, are used for flange bolting and are threaded from end to end. Tap-end studs, in contrast, have a short thread on one end, used for screwing into a tapped hole, and a longer thread on the other. This longer end is called a nut-end and may have either a chamfered or round point. Another variation of aerospace fasteners are those with double-end studs, which have equal-length threads on both ends with chamfered points. Double-end studs are used for flange bolting or other applications in which torching from both ends is necessary. Other types of aerospace fasteners include sheet metal industrial fasteners, riveting industrial fasteners and clinching industrial fasteners. A wide variety of head options, which determine how the aerospace fastener will sit against the material, are available. The type of head also affects the required length of the aerospace fastener. Environmental conditions to which the fasteners may be subjected, such as temperature, moisture, and ultraviolet radiation, should be considered. Other important considerations include the chemicals or other corrosive substances to which the aerospace fasteners may be exposed as well as the decorative properties required of the fastener itself, if any.

Aerospace Fasteners
Aerospace Fasteners
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