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  • Hackensack, NJ

    When it comes to automotive fasteners we know what you want! We are able to provide you quality products with same day shipping at low competitive prices. We have a new distribution center in heart of Dallas, Texas and we will use this new location to meet the needs of our customers in the south western half of the United States. Bring us your business and we will bring you products that last. Get in touch with us by phone or email to learn more!

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  • Bensenville, IL

    When seeking industrial fasteners, do you first look for the company's certifications or their product offering? Liberty Fastener is HUBZone certified and offers metric fasteners, mil spec fasteners, special fasteners, stainless steel fasteners and a whole lot more.

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  • Alsip, IL

    With a strong customer service foundation, Fasco has grown since 1978 to become an ISO 9001-2000 diversified global fastener supplier managed in the heart of the Midwest. We supply stainless steel fasteners and custom options. Fasco provides the on site personal service you would expect from a local distributor along with the technical expertise you would associate with a leading manufacturer.

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  • Elgin, IL

    Engineered Components Company is a world-class, full-line fastener distributor offering resources to help your company compete in the market place. We promise to improve and maintain the supply of fasteners to your manufacturing facilities, eliminate downtime, and reduce your overall cost of fasteners.

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  • Birmingham, AL

    Birmingham Fastener is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of T-head bolts and a range of industrial fasteners. We manufacture custom and non standard fasteners and operate the highest volume distribution center of nuts, bolts, screws and standard fasteners in the U.S. This diversity provides our customers with a strategic advantage; certified quality, superior service and fast delivery.

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Electrocoatings for Fasteners

Automotive fasteners are necessary for a variety of parts and functions of the modern vehicle. Many fastener factories create products exclusively for the automotive industry. One way that fastener manufacturers add new features and strengths to their fasteners is by coating the automotive fasteners with electrocoat seals and coatings. Electrocoat coatings give fasteners a high-quality finish that prevents rusting, corrosion, and abrasions. Many of the coatings are completely non-toxic, and are chrome-free, ROHS compliant, and lead-free. Torque-modified finishes allow consistent application for high-quality performance every time. Most fastener manufacturers use... Read More

How Automotive Door Panels are Installed

The interior of a vehicle door is surprisingly important for both safety and the aesthetics of the vehicle. The door can control many features inside the car, such as windows, door locks, and even the volume of the radio. The door is also an important part of the overall appearance of the vehicle. Today's door panels are attached using automotive fasteners. These fasteners, combined with glue, help keep the panel in place while also providing easy access to the inside of the door to make fast repairs for the windows... Read More

The Fasteners that Hold Vehicles Together

The number of fasteners used in the automotive industry is astounding. There are hundreds of nuts, bolts, washers, rivets, and other fasteners required for use with all aspects of a vehicle from the engine itself, to the interior of the car, and even the license plate. When you think about it, it would be impossible to create a vehicle as we know it without the use of fasteners. Below is a list of some of the common automotive fastener types used in the automotive industry to hold your vehicle together:... Read More

The Keeper of the Airbag

Although it is normally out of sight, and therefore out of my mind, the airbags in my car give me great comfort every time I have to slam on my brakes because of the idiocy of other drivers, and sometimes myself. The really fantastic thing, I think, is that these airbags are only activated when the vehicle sustains a certain degree of intense impact, enough that the additional protection of a soft plastic bag filled with air would be necessary. The fasteners that hold these airbags in place within the... Read More

Speeding Along with Automotive Fasteners

Being born and raised in Michigan, I definitely did not lack in my education of Detroit's rich, colorful and at times tragic history. Just as I learned of Grand Rapids' old penchant for fine furniture, my state's pride in the accomplishments of its largest city did not go unnoticed by me and was thoroughly addressed when visiting the city on a field trip as a child. While no longer regarded as the center of the world's automotive industry and despite its continuous economic and social hardships, Detroit continues to be... Read More

Checking In With Automotive Fasteners

In the automotive industry there are a mind-boggling amount of parts that go into constructing a vehicle. Part of this process includes, obviously, piecing parts together and making sure they stay together. Some of this keeping parts together process is done by way of welding sheets of metal together. We see this method used in putting together the body of the car, for instance. But there are a myriad of other parts that go into making a car work that require smaller pieces to be held together. These other, smaller... Read More

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Automotive Fasteners

Fasteners used in automobile manufacturing are tools that are used to secure two or more parts in an automobile. They play an important role in car equipment safety, and they must be strong enough to fare well under the harsh, stressful conditions that are always involved in the operation of an automobile.

Depending on their intended uses, automotive fasteners are made usually of either stainless steel or plastic. Plastic fasteners are not as strong as stainless steel fasteners, but they have fairly high resistance to shock and vibrations, and they can be more suitable for use in affixing upholstery and other non-structural applications. Steel fasteners are usually made of high grade stainless steel wire or rod. Steel automotive fasteners are used in door panels, small engine parts, airbag housings, among many other parts of a vehicle. Automotive fasteners include nuts, bolts, screws, retainers, spring clips or washers. Each variety of fastener is engineered to fill a specific automotive requirement, and choosing the correct fastener in the manufacturing process is vitally important. Because vehicles are held together by fasteners, it is impossible to overstate the importance of choosing reliable fasteners and using them correctly.

The main types of automotive fasteners are nuts, bolts and washers. Nuts are used to secure bolts and screws to a surface, and they have interior (female) threading. Bolts are threaded with pins or rods. They always have heads and are used in wheel construction. Automobile washers are small, flat discs that have holes in their center. They are used to hold a load of automotive bolts, prevent leakage, distribute pressure and they are used in radiators. Plastic fasteners, often made with vinyl, are manufactured through injection molding, while metal fasteners are usually cold worked and heat treated to ensure strength and durability. Stainless steel is valued as an automotive fastener material because of its strength and resistance to corrosion. Because all vehicles are subject to changing weather conditions and sometimes the presence of salt, corrosion resistance is am important fastener quality. One of the strongest vehicle fastener materials is titanium, but its use is usually restricted to aerospace fastener applications.

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