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    When it comes to finding a screw or fastener to use, there are more options that most people ever dream of. It is possible to fasten to parts together with a seamless fastener, hook, traditional screw, or socket head screw. Many different industries use socket head screws, including mining equipment, machine tools, instrument dies, earth movers, and more. Many manufacturing companies have to make the decision on what kind of fasteners to include with their products. Many engineers spend hundreds of hours determining the best fastener type for each product....

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    We really must remember to thank the Greeks more often for their many contributions toward modern society, particularly for the screw that they so wittingly bestowed upon the world back around the first century. Take a moment and imagine where we would be without the screw. Start making a list of all of the ways society has come to depend on screws I can assure you, that list would take you until the next century to complete, because there is rarely an application that doesn't incorporate a screw in one...

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    I recall watching my dad build a deck in the backyard the summer I turned 15. This was not an uncommon occurrence, as my dad is one of those old school, traditionally gifted men who goes around fixing and building things without breaking a sweat or bustin' a thumb. My parents' house, or more specifically, the basement, garage and art studio of my parents' house, is cluttered with half-empty buckets of paint, hammers that look like they were made at the time of the invention of the hammer and a...

  • Coming Together with Stainless Steel Screws

    Hurricane Katrina left thousands of people without homes and businesses, not to mention friends and family members. I am a firm believer of helping one another out when tragedy strikes; we, as human beings, must extend whatever hands we have available to those in need not for the sake of religion or morality, but because we are all we have at the end of the day, its people, not money and things, that really matter, and by God we might as well take care of each other. In the same...

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Stainless Steel Screws

Screws made of stainless steel are high strength, corrosion resistant fasteners used in the automotive, electronic, medical, marine, construction and many other industries. Stainless steel alloys are iron-based metals containing at least 10% chromium and other metals, which provide added corrosion and heat resistance. They do not require a protective coating, and they are able to perform well in a wide range of conditions and temperatures.

Stainless steel screw materials are identified as the B8 class of stainless steel alloys. They are sold either individually or in bulk quantities. Screws are composed of an externally threaded shaft and a head, which usually has slits for screw drivers. Stainless steel is valued as a screw composition material because of its physical properties. Stainless steel’s strength and corrosion resistance make it an excellent outdoor construction material; prolonged load bearing and exposure to weather will not degrade stainless steel as easily as they will other metals. Some kinds of stainless steel screws can also be used in automotive applications. Because of the constant exposure to weather and sometimes salt and other hazards, vehicles require fastener materials that are resistant to such harsh conditions. Stainless steel can be a solution in such circumstances.

Stainless steel screws are manufactured by two different processes: machining and cold heading. Machining is the preferred method for larger fasteners in smaller production runs. This procedure is older and creates a weaker product with less fatigue resistance. Cold heading forms stainless steel wire into different shapes by forcing it through die and punch cavities. This method is fast and takes fewer steps in the process. After the screws have been machined or cold worked, they are almost always threaded. This is done by cold forming as well. Stainless steel screws are often precipitation hardened, a form of aging that combines low temperature aging treatments and cold working. Stainless steel industrial fasteners tend to be stronger and more durable than stainless steel fasteners for use in commercial or consumer products. For example, an automotive stainless steel fastener is likely to be much stronger than a stainless steel screw used in a commercial appliance like a floor buffer or oven. It is always important when selecting a stainless steel fastener to consider its specific qualities like strength and corrosion resistance; this will ensure the longest possible lifespan of the fastener and the equipment in which it is installed.

Stainless Steel Screws
Stainless Steel Screws
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