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  • Stuart, FL 772-286-9278

    Serving a nationwide customer base, Britech Industries, they can provide your needed rubber parts to almost any location. To further assist their clientele they even offer stocking and customizing services so they can provide parts “just in time”. This means you no longer have to keep large stocks of products such as rubber brushings on hand. For affordable parts and quality, call Britech.

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  • Cleveland, OH 440-238-3009

    GSH industries was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1985. Thanks to this location in the polymer capital of the world, they have been able to thrive and expand their industry. Providing quality products like rubber brushings with engineering ingenuity, at competitive prices and always delivering on time has helped them become the trusted industry they are today.

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  • Canonsburg, PA 866-672-8100

    Are you in need of reliable and durable rubber components? Here at National Rubber, we offer nothing short of the best. We value versatility in our capabilities and materials, and we put the requirements of the customer first. For a complete list of our materials and fabrication capabilities, visit our website or call us today!

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  • Tinley Park, IL 800-662-1009

    Aero Rubber Co. offers exceptional quality and competitive pricing on all of our extruded rubber products. Aero Rubber Co. uses high quality rubber compounds such as, Neoprene, Viton, Silicone, EPDM, Polyurethane, Natural Rubber, and Thermoplastic Rubber. For post-fabrication services we offer cut & coil/spool, pressure sensitive adhesive, and splicing. We offer various rubber extrusion profiles like D shaped, half-round, T shaped, U channel profiles, round cord, square, triangle, and custom extrusions.

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  • Conyers, GA 678-562-2097

    Accurate Rubber Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly precise custom silicone & rubber parts in different sizes, shapes, and colors. We specialize in extruded rubber gaskets, seals, silicone rubber tubing, molded rubber parts, die cut gaskets, and custom o ring gaskets. Quality, Innovation, and Customer Service are the operating principles behind our quest to achieve everyday excellence.

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  • Rochester Hills, MI 248-650-0603

    Bushings Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Manufacturer of rubber insulated bushings. With existing tooling, fixtures, and knowledge base from more than 60 years in business, we can help you determine the least expensive approach for a trouble free application. We offer both small batch jobs, and large production run capability.

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  • Southampton, PA 800-506-3924

    Since our inception in 1954 we have been providing our customers with exceptional rubber bushings! Our skilled technicians and engineers will work closely with you from prototype to production in order to ensure that you are getting a product that will be a customized solution to fit your unique individual needs. For more information on how we may be able to assist you; get in touch with our customer service representatives via telephone or email today!

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  • Blue Ridge, GA 706-426-0400

    Kismet Products provides custom extruded rubber, molded rubber, extruded rubber profiles, rubber bumpers, extruded rubber tubing and rubber grommets built to your specifications from concept to completion. Over the past 60 years, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality products. With Kismet, you can be assured that your Kismet component will meet or exceed your expectations.

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businessIndustry Information

Rubber Bushings

Rubber bushings are extruded rubber products that are most commonly used to reduce or isolate vibration in any machinery that has moving parts. A bushing can take any shape that will most effectively absorb, reduce, or isolate vibration in a given machine or set of machinery, though they tend to be shaped into cylinders and are fitted with metal tubes to increase their strength.

A rubber bushing functions by gripping a working piece of machinery and reducing its vibration to acceptable levels. Or, bushings can be placed between pieces of machinery to prevent transference of vibration from one piece to the other. They can be used in many industrial settings, but the automotive industry is likely the largest single consumer of rubber bushings. Vehicle suspension systems would not function without bushings; they are used to isolate excessive vibration caused by road bumps and irregularities. All kinds of suspension systems - bicycle, motorcycle and automobile - make use of rubber bushings. Bushings can also be used as engine mounts, which, as opposed to metal engine mounts, eliminates metal-to-metal contact and, as a result, excessive vibration. Like all extruded rubber products, bushings are processed using a rubber extruder.

Extruders are machines that take raw natural or synthetic rubber material, which is also called stock, and collect it in a hopper. The stock is passed through the hopper into a conveyance channel. Most extruders’ conveyance channels use a long screw that moves the stock down the channel as it turns. This pressurizes the stock and, in addition to heat, changes the stock into a semi-liquid state. Once the stock is sufficiently prepared, it is ready to be forced through the die. A die is a tool that is used to turn raw materials into a useful shape. Dies can take any shape, which means that the extrusions they create can take any shape. The near-liquefied stock enters the die and takes its shape. After emerging from the die, the newly extruded rubber is allowed to cool and harden. Depending on how the extrusion is to be used, it may be cut and shipped in its current state, or it may undergo additional processing. Rubber bushings, compared to other extruded rubber products, are subject to very demanding conditions. Natural rubber products tend to degrade when exposed to excessive heat and cold, constant wear and exposure to oils and other kinds of chemicals. For this reason, rubber bushings are often made using synthetic materials in automotive applications.  

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