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  • Knowing How to Make & Bake Stainless Steel Tubes Successfully

    Manufacturing something as necessary and depended upon as stainless steel tubing can still be just as difficult as any other business especially in today's lousy economic state. There are certain things manufacturers can do to maintain an edge on the competition, including incorporating and promoting environmentally friendly approaches, maintaining a happy and healthy working environment for its employees (both those in sales and those in the factory), having an effective approach towards advertising a unique and attractive identity and providing custom design and manufacturing options, which can be especially effective...

  • A Quick Shout Out to the Stainless Steel Tube

    A stainless steel tube is, in many ways, a staple of modern society. This significance could be explained in two parts; the first of which would address the characteristics of stainless steel the metal alloy we all know and love while the second part would address the common hollow cylindrical form we call a tube. Both things are, in their own, separate rights, extremely important to our society's ability to function as it does. But stainless steel without a purpose is merely a hunk of metal and a tube of...

  • Is Now the Time to Buy Stainless Steel Tube?

    The stainless steel industry is having a rough year. From the dumping of stainless steel products by China and other countries earlier in the year to the recent increase in stainless steel tariffs by the United States, China, and many other countries, manufacturing and selling stainless steel products of any kind is harder than ever. Because of the price war and increase in tariffs combined with the reduced demand as other manufacturing industries turn to alternative metals (such as the automotive industry trying to replace steel with aluminum and other...

  • Selecting the Best Stainless Steel Material (A Guide by Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication)

      Welded, Welded & Drawn Steel and Seamless Pipe – Eagle Supplies Them All! The many unique values provided by stainless steel make it a powerful candidate in materials selection. Corrosion resistance, hygiene and strength of stainless steel make it an ideal choice in the Medical, Aerospace and Industrial industries. To learn more about these benefits see here. The two major categories for tubing and pipe are seamless and welded. The major difference being the seam that is on a welded tube and not on a seamless tube just as...

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Stainless Steel Tube

Stainless steel tubes are hollow, cylindrical objects used as equipment components or as the medium through which fluids pass. The use of stainless steel in the production of tubes is due to the advantageous properties of stainless steel, the most common material used in the manufacturing of tubing.

The two main grades of stainless steel used for stainless steel tubes are 304 and 316. Some additional benefits of stainless steel includes excellent corrosion resistance, is easy to clean, requires low maintenance, and is cost-effective. Although stainless steel may require a higher initial cost than other metals, maintenance and replacement costs for stainless steel tubes are lower. Stainless tubing is used in applications ranging from medical instruments and dental implants to hydraulic systems, fuel lines, and engine conduits. The paper and pulp industry has become increasingly reliant on stainless steel tubing because of the corrosive and aggressive fluids used in the process of papermaking. In addition, stainless steel tubes are also used for a variety of applications in the medical, dental, automotive, petrochemical, and semiconductor industries.

Stainless steel tubes are constructed through welding, seamless tubing, or metal spinning procedures. Welding involves roll forming stainless steel and connecting the formed portions along a seam through fusion. In comparison, seamless tubing involves the creation of stainless steel tubing through piercing a round blank. Welding achieves a higher degree of precision without secondary operations. The degree of precision required depends on the industrial application. Metal spinning is a "cold worked" metal fabrication technique in which a metal spinner uses a flat round disc of sheet metal that is rotating on a spinning lathe. The metal spinning process is limited to making concentric shapes, such as tubes and pipes. Of all of the varieties of stainless steel tubes, perhaps the most easily available type is the seamless stainless steel pipe or tube, which is formed through the extrusion process. In extrusion, a solid billet is drawn over a piercing rod, which creates a hollow shell without any seams. The ability to not produce seams is not possible in welding processes, in which seams are unavoidable.

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