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  • Customization Options for PVC Tubing

    PVC tubing is a type of plastic tubing made from PVC plastic. PVC plastic is a somewhat rigid plastic, that has many properties that make it ideal for using as tubes between different machines and is often a material used for plumbing pipes in its more rigid form. Thin PVC tubing, however, is flexible enough to be used in many industrial tubing applications. Tubing manufacturers can customize a wide range of PVC plastic tubes to fit nearly any industrial need. Some of the customization options that a manufacturer can provide...

  • The Future is Bright for Plastic Pipe

    Plastic pipe has been an option for pipes and plumbing for some time now. Many cities and buildings use plastic pipe in place of other pipes because of the materials flexibility and reduced cost. Through 2016, plastic pipes are expected to grow over 6 percent in demand. This is due to the processing improvements of PVC tube and other plastics that make the production of the pipes cost effective. PVC tube will remain the leading type of plastic pipe because it can be used in smaller diameters that some pipes,...

  • PVC Tubing: Common for a Reason

    If you've been in a restroom today, you've probably been in close proximity to PVC tubing. If you've been in a basement, it's likely that you were near PVC tubing running to and from nearby appliances. PVC tubing is among the most commonly used and therefore most recognizable plastic tubing varieties. Most people identify the words PVC tubing with the thick, off-white tubes they've seen in their homes or places of business. There are reasons why PVC tubing is so ubiquitous: it's effective, efficient and economical. If you were to...

  • Reduce Sewage Expenses with PVC Tubing

    PVC pipes have been around for a while, but many cities and other older buildings still use older piping materials, such as steel and iron. These older pipes actually cause increases in the expense of operating a water system because the pipes require frequent repairs, which drives costs up. Communities can save money by replacing old pipes with PVC tube when the older pipes break down. Modern PVC tube is just as strong as metal and is highly resistant to corrosion. Although there is some debate over whether PVC can...

  • PVC Suction Hose from NewAge® Industries is Crush, Kink & Chemical Resistant

    Reinforced for Full Vacuum Applications Southampton, Pa. — Available now from NewAge Industries is Vardex® PVC hose, well suited for fluid or air transfer. Made of clear, chemical-resistant PVC and reinforced with spiral steel wire for durability, Vardex handles both pressure and full vacuum. Applications include chemical transfer, air supply, coolant feeds, floor cleaning equipment, material handling, water feeds and discharge, vacuum lines, spray systems, and food and beverage supply lines. “Vardex is a good choice when customers need the chemical and corrosion resistance properties of PVC but want...

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PVC Tubing

PVC tubing products are hollow channels that are used for the transportation of gasses, liquids and some granular or free-flowing solids. PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride, and PVC tubes are derivatives of raw vinyl. Because PVC is a vinyl derivative, it can be engineered to be either clear or opaque. The word vinyl describes any material that belongs to the vinyl group of chemicals, and PVC is one of the most commonly produced and used vinyl-based plastic products.

PVC is versatile, strong, durable and can be formed into many shapes and used for many purposes. It is a particularly appropriate plastic for the fabrication of tubes and pipes because of its resistance to abrasives and many corrosive solvents; it is even sometimes used to transport hydrocarbon products, which are often volatile. PVC tubing can be an excellent choice for transferring gasses and liquids at variable volumes and pressures because of its high tolerance for pressure changes. PVC’s electrical non-conductivity combined with its corrosion resistance, non-toxicity and natural combustion-resistance make it a good choice for transportation of demanding materials. PVC tubing is also used in pharmaceutical products development, brewing, food processing, waste water management, pool operation and in many other applications.

Plastic tubing products can be produced through a variety of thermoforming processes, but the most effective, efficient and common method is plastic extrusion. Plastic extrusion is the process by which raw plastic material is shaped into a usable product. In the case of plastic tubing extrusion, the process begins with a collection of raw plastic material called stock. The stock is loaded into a hopper suspended above a conveyance channel. Inside the channel, a long, turning screw forces the stock toward a die at the end of the channel. A die is any industrial tool designed to shape a raw material into something useful. A plastic tubing extrusion die is a metal plate with a specially designed hole and pin through which molten plastic is forced. The plastic becomes molten because of the friction caused by the turning screw and heat from electric heating elements along the length of the channel. Once molten, it is forced through the die. When it emerges on the other side of the die, the plastic has become newly extruded tubing, at which point it is allowed to cool and harden. Then the tubing is cut to length and prepared for shipment or additional processing.

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