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  • Plastic Tubing in the Maple Syrup Business

    Plastic tubing is one of those industrial products that finds uses in all kinds of contexts. You can find plastic tubing in use in healthcare contexts, in heavy industrial contexts such as chemical processing, in homes and in places of business as plumbing tubing and in a wide variety of other applications. One novel use of plastic tubing is in the production of maple syrup. For those of you who aren't familiar with the process of maple syrup production, it involves tapping sugar maple trees in the winter so that...

  • Plastic Pipe Connects our Infrastructure

    Take a look around you, wherever you may be sitting at the moment. If you're indoors, look up. If you're in a home or office building, there's a good change that plastic pipes are running through the ceiling above you. You may even be able to see them if you're in an unfinished basement, a warehouse or some other unfinished building. If you happen to be outdoors, look down. If you're standing on or near a lawn, it's possible that there are plastic underground sprinkler pipes nearby. It's surprising how...

  • The Many Applications of Poly Tubing

    A poly tube is simply a tube made from polyurethane plastic. Poly tubes can be manufactured in a variety of sizes for many different uses from water pipes to oil and gas lines. Typically, the poly tube is used similarly to a traditional pipe for the transfer of water or other liquids from one place to another. You can find poly tubes specifically made for the following uses: Water pipes: Transferring water from one place to another is one of the most common uses for poly tubes. These pipes can...

  • The Ominous Connotations of Flexible Plastic Tubing in the Medical Field

    by Rebekah Fuller, IQS Editor Was plastic tubing on your mind the last time you were either in the hospital or visiting a loved one? I know it didn't register in my mind Hey, that flexible plastic tubing is helping my grandfather breathe as I held his hand and prayed that the seemingly inevitable wouldn't happen after he had his second stroke. It is interesting, though, to look back and see how plastic tubing of pliability is used in medical and surgical applications. Now that I'm not overcome with such...

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Poly Tubing

Poly plastic tubing walls can be as thin as soda bottles, or they can be used to make thick, break-resistant tubing. Poly tubes are used in municipal water systems, soda machines, petrochemical processes, drainage systems and many more applications. The wide range of uses for polyethylene products calls for an equally wide range of polyethylene materials. The two main varieties of raw polyethylene are high and low-density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE). High-density polyethylene is characterized by its strength, thickness and durability; it is used in the transportation of high-volumes of liquids or pressurized gasses. It can be corrosion-resistant and resistant to impact. High-density polyethylene is characterized by rigidity as opposed to LDPE’s flexibility. LDPE is more suitable in applications in which the tubing is attached to equipment that is mobile moved frequently or when used in other applications that require tubes to be easily movable.

There are many methods by which all of the varieties of raw polyethylene materials can be processed into usable tubing products. The most effective, efficient and common method is plastic extrusion. Plastic extrusion is a thermoforming process that takes a raw plastic material and processes it into a useful product. The plastic extrusion process begins with a collection of raw plastic material called stock. The stock is loaded into a hopper suspended above a conveyance channel. A large turning screw within the channel forces the stock toward a die at the end of the channel. A die is a tool that is used to shape a raw material into a usable product. In the case of plastic tube extrusion, a die is a metal plate with a specially designed hole and pin through which the stock will pass once heated. Before the stock reaches the die, a combination of the friction caused by the screw and heat from electric heating elements along the channel causes the stock to become molten. It is then forced through the die, and it emerges on the other side as a newly formed plastic tube. It can then be cut to length and prepared for shipment or additional processing.

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