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  • New Rigid Plastic Water Tubing

    A few nights ago, I returned home from work to discover a row of heavy equipment parked on my lawn and on my neighbors' lawns. I knew immediately that this wouldn't bode well for my sleeping schedule for at least the next few weeks. There were bulldozers, backhoes, little doozers with mini digging buckets on the front (obviously I don't know what those are really called) and those trucks with the big ground cutting tools that look like comically oversized chainsaws. Lying next to this equipment were long segments of...

  • Engineers Turn to Polypropylene Tubing

    Engineers make use of a wide variety of materials to construct the products they need. This is as true in the context of plastic tube manufacturing as it is in any other manufacturing context. Plastic tubes are essential utilities in an extensive variety of contexts. Because of the wide variety of contexts in which plastic tubes are used, an equally wide variety of plastic tube compositions and configurations is necessary to accommodate them. Some of the most common plastic tube construction materials include nylon, PTFE and polypropylene. Polypropylene is a...

  • Nylon Tubing - Important to Industry

    Outside of the context of industry, the word nylon is less likely to evoke images of industrial products than it is to evoke women's apparel. The word nylon, like so many other industrial and commercial products, has come to be associated primarily with a single consumer product, at least within the general consumer lexicon. But professionals within industry and chemistry know all about the extremely broad range of contexts in which nylon is used. Take the example of tubing. Nylon has repeatedly proved itself to be a very valuable tubing...

  • NewAge® Industries Offers Hose Clamps in Three Styles .Materials Include Nylon 6-6, Stainless Steel & Zinc Plated Carbon Steel

    July 23, 2013                                                                   For Immediate Release Southampton, Pa. — Available from plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries are three styles of clamps to secure fittings to tubing. The three styles – double bond, ear type and worm gear – are used in a wide range of industries including food and beverage, chemical, laboratory, medical, OEM, MRO, aerospace and aviation, pool and spa, automotive, appliance, marine and others. Clamps are often necessary when...

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Nylon Tubing

Nylon tubing products are hollow channels made of solid nylon. Nylon is more widely associated with textile fibers than as a material for industrial tubing, but in its solid form, nylon is an excellent material for the fabrication of plastic tubes and other plastic products. Industrial and commercial operations make extensive use of nylon tubing because of its properties of non-reactivity, low moisture absorbency and chemical resistance.

Nylon tubing can be engineered to be lightweight and flexible. Nylon tubing can be used in pneumatic tool applications, like in aircraft control mechanisms. It can also be used for automotive fuel line, refrigerator water lines and in many other applications that require crack-resistant and heat-resistant tubing. Because of the long list of beneficial properties boasted by nylon tubing, it can even serve as a substitute for metal tubing under some circumstances. Nylon tubing is used in a wide range of industrial applications. Some nylon tubing is made of particular types of nylon approved by the FDA, making it ideal for the food and beverage industries. Nylon tubing is also used in aerospace, medical technology, filtration, refrigerant, irrigation, laboratory, and many other applications.

Nylon tubing, like all other plastic tubing products, can be fabricated by one of many possible tubing fabrication methods. The most common method, however, is plastic extrusion. Plastic extrusion is the process by which a raw plastic material is melted, forced through a tool called a die, and processed into a usable product. The most important component of a plastic extruder is the die, which in the case of plastic extrusion is a metal plate through which a hole has been cut and a pin has been inserted. The shape of the hole and pin reflect the shape that the final tube product will take. At the beginning of the extrusion process, a stock of raw plastic material is collected in a hopper suspended above a conveyance channel. The plastic is released into the channel where a large, turning screw forces the plastic toward the die. As the screw turns, friction causes the plastic to become molten (with the assistance of electric heating elements along the length of the channel). Once melted, the plastic is forced through the die. When the plastic emerges on the other side of the die, it takes its new shape as tubing. It can then be cut to length and prepared for shipment or sent for additional processing.

Nylon Tubing
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Nylon Tubing - NewAge® Industries, Inc.
Nylon Tubing - NewAge® Industries, Inc.

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