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  • All-State Plastics: 40 Years of Injection Molded Plastics

    All-State Plastics is a turnkey manufacturer of injection molding plastics with over 40 years of experience. This seasoned innovator utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide their customers with outstanding products. All-State Plastics is a service driven company who offers seamless communications throughout their processes. This supplier manufacturers products for a wide range of industries including: aerospace, consumer electric, fluid handling, power and energy dental equipment, sports/recreation, packaging and more. All-State Plastics works closely with their customers to find the most ideal components for their particular applications. Photo Courtesy of All-State Plastics...

  • ICOMold Case Study: Nunchuck Grips

    Nunchuck Grips LLC doesn’t actually sell nunchucks as the name implies. They make outdoor recreational products that allow you to protect yourself very quickly when needed. Their products are very unique, and serve a useful purpose of providing concealed self-protection devices that you can quickly access should you encounter danger. You can carry a knife concealed in your bicycle handlebar. Or pepper spray in the handle of your umbrella or trekking pole. Nunchuck Grips are storage systems with a patent pending quick-release feature – simply pinch the tabs together and pull...

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Prototype Injection Molding

Prototype injection molding is a form of injection molding that is used to make short run batches, or single products used for prototype purposes. These prototypes are made in the same fashion as long run batches, but they are used to show clients and consumers an example of the product in order to work out more design details or to get approval before spending the time and the money on the long run batch of injection molded parts. Prototype injection molding can be utilized for a number of different applications such as wire spools, packaging, bottle caps, automotive parts, musical instruments, tables and chairs, mechanical parts, gears, and just about every other plastic product that is on the market today.

As stated before the prototype injection molding process works the same as the injection molding process in that is it used to manufacture parts through the process of injecting a molten plastic material into a mold where it hardens and goes through secondary processes until it is in the final finished product form. There are a number of different materials that work with this type of process, however, thermoplastics are the most common due to their versatility and useful properties. The thermoplastic material passes through a heated barrel where it is mixed and then forced into the mold; once the mold is filled the material is cooled and hardens in the shape of the mold. The mold is designed in order to fit the specifications and requirements of the applications; this is where the prototype comes in handy because if there is something wrong with the mold it will show on the prototype.

No matter what your application may be it is important to understand all of your needs and clarify your specifications. Taking the time to completely analyze your intended applications will drastically decrease development time and costs, and you are more likely to receive a product that perfectly fits your application needs. This is why we encourage you to find a trusted prototype injection molding company that can assist you in the development of your molded product. They can help you discover design flaws and modify your specifications to better accommodate your needs and budget. As with all things in the manufacturing industry, understanding what you want and what you need is the most important step to finding a product that will fit your applications.

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