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  • Cleveland, OH 440-238-3009

    GSH Industries’ 25 years experience in insert moldings coupled with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility can provide you with industry leading service. For all inquiries and quotes, visit our website or contact us today for superior personal service from our trained and experienced staff.

  • Holland, OH 419-867-3900

    ICOMold specializes in rapid injection mold, custom injection mold, plastic mold and plastic injection molding and is structured to quickly produce low-cost pre-hardened-steel plastic injection molds for prototypes and production parts.ICOQuote provide instant injection mold quote.

  • Shelby Township, MI 248-275-1978

    Located in Shelby Township, MI, MSI Mold has over 30 years of experience in the injection molding business. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to make intricately designed products to suit a variety of industries. We believe in drama-free and delay-free customer service. Get in touch with us today, and let us make your next product!

  • Stuart, FL 772-286-9278

    Insert molding is what we do, and we do it well. For nearly 30 years, we have continued to offer nothing but the best in injection plastic molding. We believe in offering the best to customers, including technology, equipment, service, and prices. Find out more by visiting us online or giving us a call today!

  • Riverside, CA 951-509-6918

    Call Molded Devices for a fast, competitive quote on custom vinyl Plastisol dip molding & coating services, from prototypes to low or high volumes. A wide range of standard & proprietary caps, covers & containers plus custom components for all your needs. One-stop for design consult, quick prototyping, custom formulations & secondary operations! ISO 9001:2008 certified with 30+ years’ experience.

  • Riverside, CA 951-354-0258

    Hi-Rel Plastics & Molding, Inc. offers custom insert molding for a variety of industries. With more than 35 years of experience, our quality products are unparalleled. We process an almost infinite variety of thermoplastic resins, our prices are competitive, and our delivery is on time. Value-added services include label application, assembly services, and custom packaging and shipping services. We are ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100 Rev D, 13485:2016 Certified.

  • Minneapolis, MN 866-900-2385

    Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI) specializes in insert molding, which combines different materials into a single finished part. Insert molding reduces post-production assembly and labor costs, integrates features into a part that will make it stronger, and enhances product design. DPI offers a superior advantage with experience in a wide range of materials including, commodity resins, filled materials, difficult-to-mold resins and high-performance blends. A full-service contract manufacturer, DPI delivers prototyping, additive manufacturing, injection molding, assembly and other value-added services.

  • Mountain, WI 715-276-4200

    Nicolet Plastics is an injection molder that specializes in molding of complex parts from our two world-class facilities in Mountain, WI and Jackson, WI. We service our customers by offering solutions to all your molding needs including Carbon 3D printing and post molding / assembly. Our Mountain plant focuses on low to medium runs while our Jackson plant focuses on medium to high volume work. For over 30 years, we have achieved steady growth due to our fast, flexible team and customer service.

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Insert Molding

Insert molding is a plastic injection molding process in which an insert, such as an object or component, is placed into the mold cavity and then injected with molten plastic that is thus molded around the insert. Insert molding is a more effective alternative to the assembly of discrete parts by means of soldering, adhesives or fasteners.

Some benefits of plastic insert molding include: lower costs, since multiple tasks are being done at once both labor and assembly time is saved; greater durability, the plastic resins mold to the insert more securely than other joining methods; and lighter components, plastic resin weighs less than metal connectors which would typically have joined the components. Insert molding serves industries such as electronics, medical, military, industrial, automotive, aerospace, food processing, commercial, residential, cosmetic and construction. Typical insert injection molding applications include cable embedded electronics, medical devices, printers, thermostats, aerosol nozzles, electrical plugs, screwdrivers, needle hubs, bifurcations and threaded fasteners. Materials used during the insert molding process includes polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomers and many more engineering plastics.

Insert molding is done through an injection molding machine. On the top of the machine is a hopper, through which the plastic granules enter the barrel of the machine. In the barrel, the plastic granules are heated until they become molten plastic. A reciprocating screw inside of the barrel carries the plastic granules into the mold cavity by way of a nozzle. The nozzle leads directly into the mold cavity. The mold is attached to a moveable platen so that it can push into and pull back from the mold cavity. An insert, which can be metal or plastic, is placed into the mold cavity just before molding. The molten plastic is then injected into the cavity through the nozzle and molds around the insert piece. Once the plastic has cooled, the mold is opened and the newly joined components are removed. Two types of bonding occur during insert molding; mechanical and molecular. Molecular bonding takes place by either shrinking the encapsulating plastic resin around the insert as it cools or surrounding the irregularities on the insert’s surface by the plastic resin. Mechanical bonding, however, only takes place when the insert’s material is the same as or very similar to the plastic resin. In addition there are three types of insert molding: low volume, 100-1000 parts that the operator inserts all at once; medium volume, 1000-10,000 parts that the operator loads in multiples and is aided by a loading device; and high volume, 100,000 parts or more that are loaded automatically.

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