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  • Addison, IL

    If you need to get your critical system back up and running again as quickly as possible, Precision Service Machine Tool Rebuilders, Inc. has what you need. Since 1983, Precision Service MTR has been a reliable and trusted resource in the field of industrial machinery repair. Our highly skilled service technicians offer custom rebuilding strategies, onsite repair, and unmatched service.

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  • Rockford, IL

    For over 40 years, AME has re-engineered old sawing systems and other machines to make them not just functional but in many cases better. Our machine rebuild specialists can incorporate design improvements to increase accuracy or extend the life of your machines. AME has extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise to rebuild practically any machine.

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  • Charlotte, NC

    Pinnacle Converting Equipment offers machine rebuilding and machine upgrades. We rebuild a variety of machinery, including slitters, sheeters, rewinders and other special machinery. We can increase machine capacity, speed, safety and/or operator friendliness. Retro-fit kits also available for upgrades.

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  • Hebron, KY

    Fives is a designer and supplier of machines, process equipment and production lines. Markets we serve include aluminium, steel, glass, automotive, aerospace , logistics, cement and minerals, and bioenergy industries. Our experience has enabled us to expand our service globally. It is our mission to be a continued source of innovation. For more information about what we can do for your industry and your applications, visit our website or call Fives today!

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  • Humble, TX

    Marathon, a highly technical full line CNC machine tool distributor and machine tool rebuilder offers solutions to the Oil & Gas industry. We provide advanced high performance machine tools for pipe threading, coupling machining, valve body machining and other oil field related applications. We at Marathon do not make parts, we help to make them better and to improve productivity!

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Press Repair Industry Information

Press Repair

A common service offered by machinery rebuilders, press repair is the process of replacing the parts and components of a press that are either worn or broken. A press is a type of machine, of which there are many kinds; however, in its most basic form, a press is a machine that uses pressure to exert force upon an object. The three main types of pressure that presses utilize are mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic pressure.

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Applications of Press Repair

In addition to repair work, press repair service companies often provide rebuilding/remanufacturing, retrofitting, and refurbishing services as well. Some examples of press problems that would require repair services include worn or broken cylinders and valves, worn seals and hoses, broken shaft, and other damaged components, such as through liners and wiper rings.

Essential to many applications, press repair companies are used by industries such as:

In which the repair of worn or damaged printing presses is crucial.
For the repair of presses such as hydraulic presses, C-frame presses, and more that are vital to many manufacturing applications such as metal stampings.
Which utilizes presses in the manufacturing of numerous auto parts such as hubs, fenders, and various body parts.
Which utilizes presses such as calendaring heat presses and letter printing presses.

Types of Presses Commonly Repaired

Some of the most common types of presses that press repair service companies work with include stamping presses, brake presses, and forging presses. An often used machine in the industrial manufacturing industry, stamping presses are defined as devices that are designed and built to operate one or multiple progressive stamping dies and other types of dies as well. Stamping presses are such a popular type of press because they have the ability to fulfill almost any metal forming or stamping need. Brake presses, on the other hand, are defined as devices that are used to make bends or folds in sheet metal by means of pressing them into dies through a cold working process. Also known as press brakes, brake presses can be manually-operated but are typically either semi-automatic or fully automatic. Lastly, forging presses are also extremely common in the industrial manufacturing industry. Forging presses are defined as devices that are typically hydraulically-powered and are a type of metal forming machinery that force metal blocks to take the shape of a product by means of a mold, extreme force and pressure, and sometimes heat. Forging presses are often used as an alternative to hammer and rolling forging, and, by utilizing two press rams that move together in a linear motion, forging presses are able to produce up to 50 thousand tons of force at one time.