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  • Cleveland, OH

    We provide our precision investment casting services to many industries, including the automotive, heat treating, off-road equipment, firearm, defense, minding, and pump industries. We take the time to create custom products for each unique industry. You can learn more when you contact us today! We love to provide our customers with precision answers to their questions.

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  • Waterville, OH

    It is our goal to provide our customers with the best precision investment casting in the business. We make it our business to ensure that your business is operating at top efficiency and profitability. We have over 6 decades of industry experience that we use to benefit our customers, including in-house tooling. You can learn more by visiting our website or calling us today!

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  • Lewis Center, OH

    Turn to MES, Inc. for top of the line investment casting. Our fairly priced solutions are long lasting and designed with your needs in mind. We are a leading provider of investment casting and our teams have a wide range of experience offering these services for various industries. If you would like more information then please give us a call today!

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  • Londonberry, NH

    Our precision investment casting is second to none. We have an extensive background of manufacturing various types of castings and it is our mission to forge new business relationships across the globe. We provide our customers with high-quality vacuum casting service and products to meet their needs. AS 9100:2001, ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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  • Strausstown, PA

    Providing investment castings (lost wax castings) is our purpose. We build the tool plus make and machine the castings, regardless if it's a single-piece order or a high-volume 10,000+-pieces-in-a-week necessity. We offer 100 different alloys. We've cast pump and valve parts plus many other parts.

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  • Minneapolis, MN

    We are a world leading provider of precision investment casting and our teams are working hard to remain on the forefront of our industry. We integrate a number of value-added attributes into our solutions and we work hard to keep these products cost efficient for our customers. If you would like more information please give us a call today to learn more!

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Ferralloy Offering Investment Casting and Forgings for Metalworking Customer Base

Precision Investment Castings Ferralloy has established itself as one of the leaders in the investment castings and forgings industries since 1978. We have sustained our successful business by developing high quality products, providing exceptional services, and delivering on time at a competitive price. Ferralloy is committed to providing the metalworking industry with castings, fabrications, forgings, machining, and various other products and services. We are constantly improving upon the manufacturing process, while managing our staff to support the ever changing industry. Read More...... Read More

4 Reasons to Choose Precision Casting

Investment casting is the process of pouring hot and melted metal into a cast mold to create a part or product. Investment casting is one of the most reliable methods used for forming detailed parts of metal pieces, and is often used to create delicate machine parts used in vehicles and manufacturing processes. However, sometimes basic investment casting is not detailed enough to complete the job. This is where precision casting comes into the picture. Precision casting is aided by computers and detailed machinery to create the most detailed metal... Read More

Benefits of Precision Casting

Precision investment casting is the process of creating investment castings with the highest level of detail and customization. The precise nature of the casting enables the manufacturer to create even the most detailed and delicate shapes through the casting process, which is unusual for most casting processes. When you switch to precision investment casting, you will incur the following production benefits: Affordable: You can save up to 50 percent on production costs by switching to a casting method. Casting is an affordable process that requires fewer tools and operators to... Read More

Common Defects in Copper Casting

The metal casting process has changed little in the thousands of years since its original invention. Today's copper casting companies have invented new machines and casting materials that make the process easier and defects less likely, but in the end, the overall casting process remains the same. First, the copper is melted, then poured into a mold and allowed to harden. After the metal hardens, it is removed from the mold and polished and modified until it reaches the desired shape, texture, and brightness. In copper casting, some defects are... Read More

How Precision Investment Casting Services Serve Industry

I once saw a video about the investment casting process, and I was struck by a few things as I was watching it. First, I was struck by the number of different phases involved in the process of investment casting products. The pattern making phases, the shell coating phases, the casting phase and the shell breaking phase each seem complicated enough without being combined together into one metalworking process. I was also struck by how such imprecise-looking shells could produce casting with such precision. Of course I realize that an... Read More

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Precision Investment Casting

Also referred to as wax casting or investment casting, precision investment casting is a reliable and precise metal casting process which creates complex metal components from a wax pattern (also known as a master die). Components of a wide range of shapes, sizes, and weights can be made from precision investment casting. Types of precision investment casting include stainless steel casting, carbon steel casting, rapid prototype casting, aluminum casting, brass and bronze casting, specialty alloy casting, and off-shore investment casting.

The investment casting process can enable manufacturers to produce accurate dimensional precision parts. Because of this, investment casting is utilized across a variety of industries, such as automotive, dental, medical, aerospace, and jewelry. The fabrication of precision components through the investment casting process can be accomplished easily, with little to no variation between the molded parts. Common Components that can be made through investment casting include braces, medical equipment, automotive engine parts, and high-precision engineering and mechanical parts. There are some applications that require these components to be casted from specialized alloys that would otherwise require additional processes to complete, such as removal of joining lines or joining more than one part together. Precision investment casting is more costly compared to other types of casting methods, but it allows for more flexibility in design, detail, and choices of metal. Furthermore, precision investment casting eliminates the need for additional steps such as welding or finishing, which minimizes the procedure’s overall initial cost.

In order to produce precise components, the investment casting process follows a series of complex steps. The first step involves the creation of a wax pattern, or a master die. The master die is an exact replica of the desired part. Sometimes, the master die can even be the prototype of the part, which is either hand carved or made by machine or by injection molding. Before moving on to the next step, all flaws and imperfections must be removed from the master die in order to make sure it exactly resembles the part to be produced. Using a heated metal tool, the master die is mounted on a wax rod called a sprue. In some cases, one sprue can hold several patterns at once. This cluster is also known as a tree. Once the dies are in place on the sprue, they are repeatedly dipped into the ceramic slurry, or the investment. The investment must evenly coat the entire mold, and it is dipped until it achieves the desired thickness. Alternatively, instead of dipping, the sprue can be affixed in a flask and the investment can be poured around it.

After the mold is immersed into the investment, it is then dried in a furnace or oven. The heat melts the initial wax form and causes it to run out, leaving the desired mold behind. Residue and excess moisture is removed through additional heating. The heating process has the additional benefit of preheating the mold, allowing it to be more evenly coated by incoming molten metal. Once the molten metal is poured into the mold, cooled, and solidified, the investment mold is removed to reveal the precise and seamless final product. This can be done by way of either hammers, dissolving agents, or media blasting vibrations.

Precision investment casting is advantageous to other methods. Precision investment casting can create parts with closer tolerances and a more sleek surface finish than sand casting. This removes the necessity for machining and additional processes, and offers detail capabilities such as the creation of logos and lettering. As opposed to machining, precision investment casting can produce parts over long production runs at a much less cost per piece, and with much less material waste. Investment casting has a much greater amount of precision and accuracy than the metal fabrication process. It is also much less labor intensive, significantly less costly, and allows for a wider variety of metals that can be used. Finally, the metal fabrication process may require more than one piece to be used to construct a part, while precision investment casting allows for the part to be made with only one piece. As opposed to die casting, precision investment casting is more inexpensive, shorter lead times, produces components much closer to the net shape, and allows for a greater amount of flexibility with alloys. This includes ferrous materials that cannot be made with die casting. Finally, investment casting is favored over forging due to its ability to produce parts with cored geometries, which the forging process is incapable of doing.

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