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  • Is Titanium a Viable Metal Choice?

    Titanium is one of the most expensive metals available for industrial use, but still, factories all over the world continue to use a large amount of titanium for uses for everything from creating computer parts to manufacturing airplane hulls. So what is it that makes titanium so expensive and why do factories continue to use it? Titanium is one of the most expensive metals because of the high cost of manufacturing the metal. Titanium is not found in a usable form anywhere on earth. The natural form of titanium is...

  • Commercial Uses for Titanium

    Titanium investment casting is the process of using a mold to create shaped pieces from titanium. Titanium is used in a variety of applications, although it is most famous for its use in airplanes, spaceships, and jewelry. However, many traditional commercial products have titanium or titanium alloy parts and pieces that help the products work daily. In the commercial world, you can find titanium investment casting used to manufacture pieces for the following industries: Transportation: Many vehicles use small titanium parts and pieces in their everyday parts, like drive shafts,...

  • Titanium Investment Casting: Less Common, but Just as Important

    Titanium is not your typical investment casting metal. The combination of its very high melting point and its high cost can make titanium less attractive than lighter, more malleable, less expensive metals. Aluminum, stainless steel, copper and nickel are more commonly investment cast than titanium. However, in certain ways, titanium is well-suited to investment casting. Investment casting is a complex, time-intensive and labor-intensive process. It involves many steps. First, a wax pattern must be designed by engineers. The wax pattern is designed in the shape that the desired cast metal...

  • The Process of Titanium Investment Casting

    The titanium investment casting process is a surprisingly effective method for creating complicated designs and parts from titanium. The benefit to investment casting is that it is possible to create complex designs and parts with minimal material waste. Since the metal is hot when it is poured into the mold, only the necessary amount of metal is used. This is beneficial for titanium especially, because titanium is expensive and difficult to manufacturer. The ability to avoid waste is important for reducing expenses when manufacturing titanium. For the most part, the...

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Titanium Investment Casting

Titanium investment casting is the manufacturing process that produces parts through the metallic replication of wax models. The resulting titanium parts have a very smooth finish that requires little finishing after the process. Investment casting is effective at producing complex and detailed parts that other methods cannot. There are no joints or flash lines because the part is made as one whole piece.

A variety of metal alloys may be used in the investment casting process, including aluminum, copper and stainless steel which are some of the most common materials. Because a wax model is created in the exact size and shape as the part, investment casting, or wax casting, allows for high dimensional accuracy. Titanium investment casting is expensive compared to other methods like die casting although it has lower equipment costs and requires less finishing. Investment casting can be done by hand in single or small batches or can be semi-automated and produce hundreds of parts at once. Castings can be as small as fractions of an inch thick to weighing 1,000 pounds though most parts are 15 pounds or less. Titanium castings are very strong and lightweight and are used for turbocharger components, industrial tools and instruments and other applications in the defense, aerospace, transportation, power generation, marine and medical industries.

The process of investment casting begins with a wax replica of the part that has been hand or machine carved or produced through injection molding. The wax pattern is attached to a sprue, or wax rod. Depending on the side and shape of the part, several hundred patterns may be attached to the same sprue resulting in an assembly called a tree. The tree is dipped in a ceramic slurry called the investment. It is dipped multiple times in mixtures that are increasingly coarse. When the investment is thick enough on the wax pattern, it is left to dry. Another method is to place the tree in a flask and pour investment into the container until the tree is completely covered. The use of a low temperature oven or a vacuum can speed the process. Once dry, the tree is placed in an oven or furnace upside down to allow the melting wax to drip out. During the burnout phase the investment shell is left to heat even more in order to completely eliminate any residual moisture or wax. Molten titanium is poured in the space and may be drawn in through vacuum, positive air pressure or centrifugal casting procedures. Once the titanium part is cooled and hardened, the investment is removed through a variety of techniques including vibrations, hammers, a dissolving agent or media-blasting.

Titanium Investment Casting
Titanium Investment Casting
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