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  • The Prengineered Building

    Pre engineered buildings are a type of manufactured building that is fabricated using a set inventory of raw materials and construction processes. Depending on the design, the final buildings can look quite different from one another and are used in a variety of industries including industrial, commercial, and residential. Typically, there are two main engineers who work together to put together pre engineered buildings, the Engineer of Record and the Specialty Engineer. The Engineer of record has to specify materials, service, design, and the loads of each part of the...

  • Fun Ideas for Portable Photo Booths

    There are literally hundreds of portable booth types, from portable bathrooms, to portable phone booths, and even portable sound booths. Portable photo booths make a fun addition to a variety of events, and provide entertainment and nostalgia to any party or event. Guests will spend hours making funny faces and memories inside the photo booth that they can look back on for many years as a memento of the event. Setting up a portable photo booth is not difficult. Many companies rent portable booths to parties and events. All you...

  • Embracing Modularity

    Modular structures are surging in popularity. Why is this? I think there are many possibilities, some more obvious and plausible than others. The most likely reason, I think, is economy. From a sheer procurement cost perspective, modular construction is cheaper. This is true of offices, industrial facilities, homes and other kinds of structures like booths and small shelters. From the perspective of sustainability, modular construction can be less resource-intensive, less environmentally-invasive and generally more environmentally friendly. Materials costs are lower in modular construction because of the high precision and repeatability...

  • Portable Buildings - Used in Construction and Elsewhere

    Visit any large-scale construction site and you'd be likely to see at least one portable modular building set up somewhere nearby. Portable buildings are essential ingredients in effective construction efforts in the United States. They are used for many purposes, one of the most important of which is for the storage of construction plans, communications equipment and other essential utilities for the construction process. Contractors and forepersons often use portable buildings at construction sites to hold meetings with their construction crews; they use them to discuss building schedules, for breaks...

  • Steel Buildings - A Universal Favorite

    Steel buildings dot the American industrial and commercial landscape from coast to coast. Many industrial and commercial professionals prefer the use of steel buildings for their warehouses, factories, storage buildings and for many other applications. This is because steel buildings are highly economical and highly functional. One of the added benefits of choosing steel buildings is that they can often be assembled in modules and transported directly to building sites. This feature makes steel buildings very attractive to prospective buyers because companies that manufacture modular steel buildings often have assembled...

  • Portable Steel Buildings Dot Our Landscape

    Portable steel building manufacturers make an important contribution to America's economy. Let me try to give my argument some context. As a consequence of the United States' economy having developed so quickly and robustly during the period that followed World War II, the US developed a real estate infrastructure that required the development of an industry that offered alternative structure options. Let's imagine that we're in a car together, driving down a main arterial road in a Midwestern suburb. There are a few things that should come to your mind...

Industry Information

Furthering Education with Portable Buildings

Portable buildings are simply temporary buildings designed to set up fast, get used temporarily, and break down quickly. Industries that use portable modular buildings the most include construction crews, clothing stores, temporary offices, stadiums, research centers, and temporary events. However, there are also many other industries that also use portable buildings in one capacity or another.

One of the most beneficial uses for temporary buildings is in the field of education. Schools around the world, whether they are elementary schools, high schools, or colleges, use temporary buildings to expand quickly so that they can bring in additional students and teachers. Many schools could not exist without the ability to use the modular buildings that they keep on campus. Bringing in extra students and using temporary structures helps the schools bring in enough money to eventually expand and create permanent buildings. However, some schools even use their temporary buildings for decades before they replace them with a more permanent solution.

Schools also need the benefits that a temporary modular building can provide in case of emergencies. In the event of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, and the West, Texas explosion temporary buildings were used to keep the schools open until new buildings could be erected.

The portable building industry is a huge supporter of continuing education in adverse conditions. The use of these buildings is so critical, in fact, that some building suppliers manufacture designs specifically for educational use. Thanks to the varied uses of modular, temporary buildings, education can continue even in the face of disaster, budget cuts, and student overflow.

Portable Buildings

Portable buildings are modular structures or prefabricated shelters that are constructed as a complete unit that is able to be relocated through the use of cranes, forklifts and trucks. Although they are not intended for use as permanent structures, portable buildings provide an ideal alternative where shelter or interior space is required and often they serve many of the same purposes than a conventionally built space would.

Portable buildings are commonly used as temporary offices on construction sites, as guard houses, as rural offices or medical buildings, as on-site changing rooms and as temporary housing in remote locations. Portable buildings are a type of modular building; however modular building is intended for more permanent long term use. A portable building on a building site for example would only be required for a number of months, rather than many decades. Portable buildings are simple and compact, and are able to be moved as needed to different locations. The basic layout consists of a frame and wall panels, as well as a roof and installed floor. Custom specifications can be made, but are often not worth the extra designing and fabricating costs as they are usually only required for temporary use.

There are numerous advantages to using portable buildings with the two biggest benefits being in the saving of time and money. Conventional building can take months from design to completion and there are numerous steps and processes along the way that can cause delays. A relocatable building is available for immediate use from the moment it is installed. This saves on costs in terms of raw materials, design and engineering costs and labor and workforce. For spaces that are not required permanently, it is not logical to install a traditional building and therefore a portable office or space is the ideal solution. A further advantage to using portable buildings is the fact that because they are not intended for permanent installation, the structures are not required to abide by the regulations or tax burdens which traditional builders must follow. This is a further time saving factor in the process of obtaining a space for office or personal use as a landowner does not need to go through further administrative work to obtain a building permit. The contractors who build the portable building are able to work from pre engineered building designs, and do not have to individually design each structure. Furthermore, for short term temporary use, some manufacturers will rent or lease their portable or relocatable buildings, further saving a company money and time.

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