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  • Modular Medical Buildings: The Future of Medicine?

    Did you know that there are now modular building systems for the medical industry? The insurgence of the need for greater numbers of medical facilities around the United States and the rest of the world has brought about new innovations in the way that contractors build medical facilities. These modular building systems are designed to provide high-quality medical care quickly by using modular systems that are easy to construct and even easier to add onto later if the need arises. The following characteristics of modular medical buildings make them a...

  • Modular Buildings at Sports Stadiums

    When I was in high school, I joined the cross country team because my older brother was on it, running requires only as much coordination as it takes to consistently make ground contact with your feet and there were no cuts. I quit after a year. I wasn't interested in attending sporting events either. In fact, the only sporting events I attended while in high school were those that I was participating in. This was a shame, because I remember that we had a pretty good football team when I...

  • Relocatable Buildings are Economical

    If you were to stand in front of a home somewhere in suburban America, it may or may not be immediately clear whether or not that home was constructed on site. It's easier to identify some modular and prefabricated buildings than others. It's entirely possible that a modular home and a non-modular home could sit right next to each other in a neighborhood and no one would ever be able to tell the difference. However, this is not the case with all modular buildings. Particularly in the case of relocatable...

  • Modular Buildings: Fast Support for Long-Term Projects

    Although portable buildings are usually built as temporary structures until a more permanent structure is put into place, many portable structures end up as the permanent building in a space for many months or years. Although many people hate the appearance of portable buildings and wish they never existed, many of these structures actually help facilitate processes and production that could not happen for years without the use of the temporary structures. One notable example of this is the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at StanfordUniversity. This research laboratory houses the...

  • Relocatable Buildings on the Move

    Have you ever wished you had a building for a business, within your warehouse, for storage or any other purpose that you could move a few feet from its current location or even across the country? There are options to make this an available reality. A relocatable building may be more than one expects in terms of quality, safety, customization and sustainability. More industries use these structures than you may have anticipated. Relocatable buildings are used on a regular basis because of their convenience, structural integrity and reusability. You may...

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Relocatable Buildings

Relocatable buildings are prefabricated, modular structures consisting of a room, or rooms that are constructed in a factory either wholly assembled, or ready to be assembled quickly on site. The construction, military, agricultural, manufacturing, education, disaster relief and medical industries use these portable buildings for a number of transitory or short-term applications.

Once assembled, relocated buildings can be moved through the use of cranes, forklifts or trucks to their desired location. Relocatable or portable buildings provide a cost-effective and time saving alternative to building traditionally constructed permanent buildings, and are especially ideal for use in situations requiring a shelter for a short time. Relocatable buildings may be set up as separate stand alone units, they may be attached to already existing buildings, or they may be assembled contained within a large building such as a factory. Portable buildings are a type of modular building; however modular building is intended for more permanent long term use. Relocatable buildings are used for applications such as sheds, small barns, storage spaces, temporary offices for example on a construction site, mobile homes, classrooms, garages and cabins, and because they are not intended for permanent use, a landowner may not need to obtain a building permit for construction to take place, although it is necessary to check with local regulations.

The basic layout consists of a frame and wall panels, as well as a roof and installed floor. In order to be relocatable, these prefabricated buildings have to be made out of lightweight materials, and are usually constructed out of a combination of wood, plastics and steel. Steel is an ideal framing material as it is durable and corrosion resistant. Most relocatable buildings are intended for outdoor use and therefore have to withstand a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Buildings have watertight seals to prevent leaking, and are often available with insulation and HVAC system options to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. While most relocatable buildings are fairly simple in terms of layout and design, custom specifications can be made. However, the most cost effective option would be a standard pre engineered building; custom features will raise the price of the structure considerably, and for a temporary building solution, the pay off might not be worth it. A typical building has a door and windows which can be specifically placed if needed. Electrical wiring and lighting is also an option to be considered. Relocatable buildings are not attached to a permanent foundation and are usually laid directly on the ground, or on a level surface such as a concrete block which has been previously constructed.

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