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  • Santa Ana, CA

    As a manufacturer of modular buildings, including inplant modular offices, exterior steel buildings, guard buildings, fork liftable and crane liftable buildings, multi-level buildings and mezzanines, Abtech offers turnkey installations or packages for install by end user. Our modular structures are constructed of steel, are free-standing & manufactured under strict quality control methods.

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  • Harrison Township, MI

    Since the early 1950s, Par Kut has served governmental, military, educational and medical institutions, as well as the private sectors for industrial and commercial concerns, airports and water ports. From parking attendant buildings to bullet resistant, high security enclosures to waiting shelters, we’ve built them all. Call us today if you are in need of guard houses.

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  • Blairsville, GA

    Our booths and partitions are available in solid surface, stainless steel, solid plastic, solid phenolic, high pressure laminate, and metal powder coated. Our washroom accessories also include combo towel waste units, paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles, soap dispensers, mirrors, warm air hand dryers, toilet tissue dispensers, toilet seat cover dispensers, grab bars, bathroom accessories, shower tub accessories, urinal screens and child care products and accessories.

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  • Richardson, TX

    Morgan Buildings can meet just about any modular building need. For over 60 years and 3 generations Morgan has been a pioneer and leader in modular design and construction. As a fully integrated family-operated company we design, build, transport and install modular buildings around the country and the world. From guard houses to 2-story housing complexes and everything in between we have the capability to do it. Our Core Values are: On Time and On Budget with Responsive, Reliable Customer Service

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  • Fort Worth, TX

    At Boxx Modular, we specialize in delivering innovative modular building solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With years of experience in the industry, we've established ourselves as pioneers in the field, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible with modular construction. Our extensive range of products encompasses a wide variety of modular buildings, including offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, accommodation units, and beyond.

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  • Corona, CA

    If you are in need of a modular building then you have come to the right place. Customer satisfaction is paramount to our company and we take extra steps to make your experience with us a positive one. We are recognized as a business leader and our success is based off your success. Contact us today for your next project and let us add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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Guard House Industry Information

Guard Houses

Guard houses are a type of prefab shelter, also known as a prefabricated shelter, prefabricated building, portable shelter, or portable building.

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Applications of Guard Houses

Examples of guard houses, also known as guard shelters or guard booths, include border inspection booths, observation or visual towers, ticket booths, and security access checkpoints. These various examples of guard houses all have in common the fact that they are installed at various checkpoints or access points to ensure that the entrance of a premises can be controlled. Thus, they ensure the accountability and security of all those passing through an area requiring authorization to enter.

Guard House Design and Customization

Because guard houses are not unmanned, they are typically outfitted with certain interior features for the comfort of staff. For example, they almost always ensure ease of access and ease of vision with doors and windows, respectively. In addition, to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, they are generally insulated.

Other equipment and systems with which guard houses are often equipped include:

  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Phone Jacks
  • Data Connections
  • GFI Outlets
  • BNC Jacks
  • A/V Jacks
  • Motion Sensor Lights
  • Sliding Doors
  • Restrooms
  • Interior Storage Space
  • Counters
  • Wall Mounted Heating and Cooling (HVAC) Systems
  • Baseboard Heaters

All guard houses are constructed from strong and durable materials, such as structural, stainless or galvanized steel, so as to withstand the onslaught of weather such as high winds, rain, and extreme temperatures. To seal them against leaks, guard houses are also usually equipped with polyurethane sealed joints.

Some of the materials that may be used to construct guard house window panes include:

  • Wire Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Clear Safety Glass
  • Gray Tint Safety Glass
  • Pattern Glass
  • Polycarbonate
  • Plexiglass, Lexan
  • X-Ray Protection Glass
  • Mirrored Glass

For the protection of guard houses and guards that serve high risk security applications, extra security features are installed. Guard houses such as these include those stationed outside of embassies, military bases, or arenas, and those manned by security contract companies meant to protect the people who protect the facilities. Features like bulletproof wall panels and windows protect the guard houses and those in them against gun violence, vandalism, fire and explosions, and natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. Regardless of the features they include, guard houses can be finished in any number of different ways. Using various paints and coatings, the exterior of a guard house can be coated with company colors, made to blend in with the surroundings, or anything else a customer wants. Moving beyond aesthetics, coatings and paints can also infuse a guard house with more insulative, or heat rejecting, layers.

Guard House Installation

Guard houses are relatively compact, so the most economical way to order them and have them installed is through prefabrication. Prefab shelters, which are constructed and assembled in a factory setting, are usually brought on site by a forklift or crane. Sometimes, they are designed to be knocked down and then instantly assembled on site. All of these methods make for a quick and relatively easy installation. Likewise, prefab guard houses are easy to construct, particularly when compared to the amount of time and effort it takes to construct a shelter using conventional building methods. Like many other prefab shelters, guard houses are typically considered to be relocatable buildings. This means that they are portable and lack an attached foundation. In addition, so that guard houses can be easily moved, their steel bases are often designed with forklift pockets. Nevertheless, many guard houses are erected as semi-permanent structures and are able to be used in one location for many years.

Finding the Right Guard House Manufacturer

Guard houses are excellent investments, providing governmental and private organizations of all kinds with the security and control that they require. They also provide security guards, border agents, and other employees working out of guardhouses with comfort and safety so they can perform their duties without having to deal with burdens such as extreme heat or off-site bathrooms. Interested parties can order their guard houses in virtually any size and configuration, from small one person shelters to large, multi-functional buildings. Guard houses may be constructed to meet and adhere to the standards of organizations such as ICC (International Code Council, BBB (the Better Business Bureau), USGBC (The U.S. Green Building Council), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), or OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration). Learn more today by getting in touch with a reputable modular building manufacturer, such as those listed on this page.

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