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  • Systems for Metal Architectural Panels

    Perforated architectural metal panels are a kind of metal panel designed for use in construction. The perforated metal panels provide a variety of aesthetic and stability benefits to an industrial or commercial construction project. Construction firms use metal panels for a variety of construction projects because the metal is durable, effective at insulating the building, and provide a unique aesthetic appearance that is attractive and unusual. Insulated walls: Not all perforated panels are made alike. Some perforated panels are simple metal sheets that provide no added insulation to the building....

  • Desert Fence Options

    In the desert, traditional fencing materials suffer. The extreme heat and dryness damages many materials commonly used to create fences, such as vinyl and wood. Vinyl can melt and warp in the extreme heat and wood will dry and crack and create a fire hazard in many locations. Fencing in the desert is a large concern for residential, commercial, and industrial applications alike. All factories, homes, and businesses in the desert must use products that will suit the environment in which they are used. One of the best uses for...

  • Architectural Perforated Metal's Place in Modern Architecture

    I've observed an array of architectural styles in my travels in the United States and elsewhere, and different kinds of buildings have inspired different kinds of reactions in me. There are many ways to think about buildings and what they're for. They can be shelters, business centers and even national icons. When I look at pictures of the Empire State Building, for example, the building's utility seems intuitive to me. Someone needed a lot of office space, so they made it tall. The offices needed windows, so they gave it...

  • Amazing Perforated Metal Panels

    If you take a moment to think about it, the nature of perforated metals is kind of interesting. Take an architectural perforated metal panel, for example. You can find these things everywhere they're installed on the sides of buildings for decorative purposes, they're sometimes used as fencing, they're used in the construction of picnic tables and furniture. We use them for a lot of purposes, and they can be found serving those purposes in places all over the world. While they may vary in terms of their purposes, they all...

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Perforated Metal Panels

Perforated metal panels are sheets of steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum or zinc that have been cut into thinner pieces with punctured holes and shapes that have been cut out in a pattern or design. They can be made to any size and are either used for decorative or functional architectural applications.

Perforated metal panels can be applied in many contexts. Decorative perforated metal panels are more likely to have a complex, non repetitive design, while the others are made with simple hole patterns. Compared to their alternatives, expanded metal panels and wire mesh, perforated metal panels have greater, more predictable and accurate load bearing capacity. They are used in the architectural, building construction, interior decorating, aerospace, chemical processing and cryogenic industries. They aid in building insulation by providing structural support in building construction, and they act as infill panels under stairway handrails. Many perforated panels are added to walls, roofing and ceilings for decorative accents as well as structural components. Recording studios and noisy public areas like train stations, subway stops, swimming pools, gymnasiums and convention centers use perforated metal as acoustical panels to muffle and absorb unwanted noise. Stereo speaker covers and radiator covers are also constructed out of perforated metal panels because the hole patterns let heat and sound out while also providing protection.

All perforated metal is manufactured from large rolls of sheet metal. However, depending on the complexity and design of the hole punctures, there are two different ways that the perforations are accomplished. For simple, repetitive patterns that extend across the entire sheet of metal, all-across punching presses are used. The sheet metal is fed through the press, where rams in the shape of the pattern strike down on the metal. When complex and unique custom-made patterns for decorative panels are needed, a different type of punching press is used. Sectional punching presses are often CNC controlled and move the sheet of metal underneath a stationary punching ram to create an intricate design. After the perforations have been made to the newly formed panels, most of them are put through secondary processing of some kind. To improve corrosion and temperature resistance, many metal panels are galvanized in a bath of molten zinc. Protective coatings and clear lacquers are applied to the surface of many perforated panels to provide a shiny, attractive finish as well as slow the rusting and tarnishing processes. Many panels are also corrugated, a process that bends the panels into a continuous and uniform wave-like pattern for added detail.

Perforated Metal Panels
Perforated Metal Panels
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Perforated Metal Panels - Hendrick Manufacturing Company

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