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  • Tamaqua, PA

    Our high performance perforated copper is vital for a variety of applications and we take extra measures to ensure our copper is superior to our competitors. Our products are ideal for a wide range of industries. Just let us know your application and we can handle the rest. Please give us a call today to learn more information about our company! We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Hanover, MN

    Here at Astro Engineering & Manufacturing we are striving to provide the best perforated metals. The capabilities of our engineers are unmatched. These products are ideal for various industries. You will not be upset by the creativity of our products. We promise to respect you and we will listen carefully to every single request. Please contact a representative today!

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  • Tampa, FL

    McNichols is a manufacturer of perforated metal sheets and screens as well as perforated gratings, floor gratings and filter screens. We have a selection of round, square, slotted, hexagonal and decorative designs. Major materials used include aluminum, brass, plain and stainless steel, galvanized steel and plastic. Please see our website for more information.

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  • Wallingford, CT

    The Dexmet Quality System is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company subscribes to the standards requisite features, including documentation and record-keeping, while it also maintains a flexible stance toward evolving standards and innovative ideas from our customers and employees. We specialize in perforated copper. Visit our website today to request a quote.

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  • Providence, RI

    Our high performance perforated copper is vital for a variety of applications and we take extra measures to ensure our copper is superior to our competitors. These products are manufactured from our processes which are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Please give us a call today to learn more information about our company! We look forward to hearing from you!

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The Artistic Side of Perforated Metal

Perforated metal has a variety of uses in various industries around the world. One advantage of perforated metal is that it retains some of the strength of solid metal, but eliminates much of the weight. Perforated metal can also provide function, for drainage, airflow, and other practical needs. However, one of the biggest industries for perforated metal is decorative metal, such as architectural perforated metal used to improve the appearance of buildings, art pieces, and more. Buildings Metal with holes can provide interest in a building where a solid piece... Read More

Thinking About Perforated Copper

Stop and think about perforation for a second. To really appreciate the process, think specifically about the process of copper perforation. Copper is an important commodity. When you read about decrepit residential areas in cities, you're likely to come across stories about problems with copper theft. It's very common in such locations for people to break into empty or abandoned homes and gut them of copper tubing and other valuable materials. In developing countries, there are stories of people being seriously injured or killed while trying to steal copper power... Read More

Hendrick Announces New Corporate Website Launch & Rebranding

Redesigned website offers visitors richer insight into the Company’s integrated services and product offerings The Hendrick companies, a leading manufacturer of perforated metals, wedge wire, Profile Bar, and fabricated products, today announced the official launch of its new corporate branding and redesigned website, The enhanced site, offers a refreshed corporate identity and quick access to essential information about its products, services, and workplace. The site introduces a blog and resource center featuring technical downloads, specifications, and Company-issued news, among other content. The new site offers increased content for audiences within... Read More

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Perforated Copper

Perforated copper products are made from sheets of metal that have holes, shapes or patterns punched out of them. Because of the attractive red-tinted color of copper, these perforated products are most often used for ornamental purposes within the interior decorating, architectural and building construction industries.

Copper is a conductor of heat and electricity, is easily formable and can be perforated into a wide variety of patterns and punch outs. Since copper fares well in a variety of temperatures and can handle exposure to water without rusting, the number one application for perforated copper is in exterior building design. They act as sun shades, decorative panels and building facades. Another common perforated copper product is decorative grills, often stamped with complex, non-repetitive patterns made of multiple shapes. These are generally used in interior building design as room dividers, decorative fireplace screens and kitchen cabinet inserts that offer an alternative to glass. Radiator covers are often made of perforated copper, which conceals the radiator while still letting heat out. Ceiling panels, screens, lamp shades, tubing, sound isolation sheets, stair treads, metal furniture, valves, door panels, kitchenware like baskets, pasta strainers and food covers and any decorative metal product that provides shade or ventilation are also commonly made of perforated copper. It also provides enhanced electrical performance as liners in connectors and heat shrink tubing.

Like all perforated metal, copper products are formed by a stamping press. Since most copper perforations are decorative, the press punches are of a complex and fancy design and therefore often require the aid of a CNC machine. CNC operated punch presses offer higher precision and accuracy but are less efficient. The process begins with large rolls of copper sheet metal that are fed into the punching machines. The machinery moves the copper sheet around in both axes underneath a stationary punch. The pattern is then punctured into the sheet by using high amounts of force and weight. Punching presses penetrate through the metal at anywhere from 50 to 400 strokes a minute, depending on the thickness of the copper sheets and the complexity of the pattern. Since copper is a malleable metal, manufacturers are able to produce a wide range of different patterns ranging from small, widely spaced shapes to screen-like patterns with large gauges and high transparency. Most decorative perforated copper products are only polished on the side that will be visible. Antique finishes are also available for a higher cost.  

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