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  • Tamaqua, PA

    Remaly Manufacturing is a leading perforating & fabricating manufacturer, established in 1865. We provide perforated aluminum, perforated plate, perforated steel, perforated brass, screens & bar gratings. We provide services for all types of metals in both prototypes and large runs. Remaly Manufacturing is a company managed by solid principles & ethics to meet or exceed customer’s requirements.

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  • Hanover, MN

    Here at Astro Engineering & Manufacturing we are striving to provide the best perforated metals. The capabilities of our engineers are unmatched. These products are ideal for various industries. You will not be upset by the creativity of our products. We promise to respect you and we will listen carefully to every single request. Please contact a representative today!

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  • Tampa, FL

    McNichols is a manufacturer of perforated metal sheets and screens as well as perforated gratings, floor gratings and filter screens. We have a selection of round, square, slotted, hexagonal and decorative designs. Major materials used include aluminum, brass, plain and stainless steel, galvanized steel and plastic. Please see our website for more information.

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  • Wallingford, CT

    All of our perforated sheets are designed with your applications in mind. We are dedicated to manufacturing the latest innovations in our industry. Our teams will work with you every step of the way and there is no project too demanding for our engineers. We are a turnkey supplier that will always provide you with friendly service. Please give us a call today if you would like to learn more information!

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  • Providence, RI

    We want to be more than just a supplier. We strive to partner with our customers to serve as a catalyst for growth and innovation. Here at Ferguson Perforating we are your one-stop-shop for all of your perforating needs. Our products come with several value-added features including: shearing, slitting, forming, welding, painting, coating, anodizing, bar coding and much more!

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Remaly Manufacturing Company, Inc: Rapid Response Manufacturer

Perforated Sheets Remaly Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a trusted, rapid response manufacturer of perforated metals and custom metal solutions. Our company has been serving the industry since 1865 and is located in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. We started out serving the mining and drilling industries during the Industrial Revolution and since then have expanded our capabilities to better suit our customers. Read more...... Read More

Screening With Aluminum

A perforated aluminum sheet can vary in size and thickness depending on the desired specifications by the factory. Some sheets are used as tiny filters for the smallest particles imaginable, while others are used to protect drains and filter larger materials. The final use of the metal will determine what is the best size and thickness of metal you need, and a perforated aluminum sheet manufacturer can help you make the best choice. No matter what use you give your aluminum sheets, they can provide a variety of benefits that... Read More

Industry's Contribution to the Apollo Program

When the astronauts of Apollo 11 returned to earth from their mission, they left a plaque on the surface of the moon that reads: HERE MEN FROM THE PLANET EARTH FIRST SET FOOT UPON THE MOON JULY 1969, A. D. WE CAME IN PEACE FOR ALL MANKINDBeneath the text was the signature of each astronaut involved in the mission as well as that of Richard Nixon, the president of the United States at the time. As far as I'm concerned, the moon landing was the culmination of human achievement; nothing... Read More

Perforated Brass Sheets - Malleability is Good

When you put copper and zinc together, you get brass. When you roll the brass out into a flat plane, you get a brass sheet. And when you poke holes in a brass sheet, you get a perforated brass sheet. Perforated brass sheet production is a satisfyingly simple process, and it's a process that is used for many purposes. One of the primary uses of perforated brass sheets is as an architectural improvement. Perforated brass sheets are often used as paneling to improve the appearance of building exteriors, elevators, tables... Read More

Unusual Metal Uses: Noise Reduction

Perforated aluminum sheets are a type of aluminum metal sheet that has holes punched throughout the sheet into a pattern or random design. The holes make the metal weigh less, and also have many other benefits depending on the use. Many industrial factories use perforated aluminum sheets for sifting, draining, and material separating. The holes in the sheet metal are ideal for these uses. Perforated aluminum is also used to create fences, protective barriers, and increase the visibility of enclosed objects. Along with thousands of other uses for the metal,... Read More

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Perforated Sheets

Perforated sheets are planes of metal that have been punched or stamped with holes or other shapes in a pattern or in a series. While “sheet” is not a quantitative descriptive term, it is usually used in reference to comparatively thin metal planes. Perforated metal sheets are usually fairly light in weight and feature higher load-bearing capacity than wire mesh, expanded metal and other alternatives to perforated metal.

Perforated sheet metal is used in a wide variety of different industries. The automotive, lighting, architecture, construction, agriculture, petrochemical development, mining, defense contracting and interior design industries all make use of perforated metal sheets. Some of the most common perforated metal sheet constructions are vents, filters, lighting fixtures and screens. They are also widely used as sunshades, facades, ceiling and wall panels, room dividers, fireplace screens and outdoor furniture. Perforated sheet metal can also be used as a component in acoustical dampening systems in recording studios and large, noisy transportation venues like train stations and subway stops. A wide assortment of other products like baskets, cooking tools and trash cans can all be made out of perforated sheet metal. Because of the versatility of the material, there are few limits to the possibilities for its application.

There are many different kinds of perforations, and they are employed depending on the application for which the metal is intended. These shapes include circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, cloverleaves, diamonds and a wide variety of custom shapes. The size, quantity and spacing of perforations determine the function of the finished product. Perforated screens feature a very high number of perforations in close proximity to each other, which gives them a greater amount of transparency than other configurations. There are two different types of presses used to perforate sheet metal. The first press, which is called an all-cross punch press, is made for simple, repetitive patterns that expand across the whole sheet. These metal shaping machines use rams in the shape of the desired pattern to puncture the thin sheet of metal. Sectional two-axis punching presses are employed in the punching of more complex and custom patterns. Sectional two-axis presses move metal sheets under a stationary punching ram to produce holes that are non-repetitive. They are usually computer controlled and can produce designs with high precision. Stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and zinc can all be formed into perforated sheets, and use of perforated sheet metal is extensive all around the world.

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