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  • Tamaqua, PA 888-218-2260

    Here at Remaly Manufacturing Company, Inc. we aim to exceed your expectations. Our teams utilize the most efficient manufacturing processes and we strive to provide you with the highest quality solutions. All of our products are pre-tested and we work with you to determine the best perforated metals for your applications.

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  • Carbondale, PA 800-225-7373

    We are metal perforators with capabilities to produce unlimited patterns from standard to intricate configurations in round, square, oval and rectangular shapes. We perforate a variety of materials delivered in sheets or coils to a variety of industrial, architectural and commercial applications. Our multiple secondary operations, from fabrication to surface finishing, can eliminate labor, time, and provide cost-savings for your completed assembly.

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  • Miamisburg, OH 800-790-0430

    Brainerd produces perforated and expanded metals for audio, automotive, television and computer applications. Our goal is to provide you the highest quality of products in perforated grilles, plastic trim and metal trim. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Visit our website for more details.

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  • Portland, OR 503-284-6002

    We are one of the West's leading suppliers of custom and stock perforated products. Our production capabilities enable us to perforate small precision screens as well as large screen plates for rock crushers or hammer mills. We also offer laser cutting, shearing, forming, rolling, MIG and TIG welding. We offer same day quotes and deliveries within 5 days from receipt of your order.

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  • El Monte, CA 626-443-7121

    Here at VACCO Industries, we can create custom perforated metal products, and our engineers will abide to your exact requests. These top of the line products are affordable, and we work hard to make all of our products with precision techniques. We take pride in saying that we are the largest commercial photo etching company in the Western United States. We are the experts of a plethora of metals and secondary services such adhesive and diffusion bonding.

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businessIndustry Information

Perforated coils are manufactured by perforating an entire line of flat rolled sheet metal continuously and winding it back to form a uniform coil. These are made in a structured production process that is best called a perforation line, or an industrial perforating press

The main components that make up a perforation line are: unwinders with straighteners, punching press, an industrial grade shear, and a recoiler. These components work systematically together to fabricate a perforated coil in the most efficient way. First, the unwinder, with equipped straightener, will flatten the material and feed it into the machine’s feed rollers. The punching press contains predefined dies or molds that are used to punch and create the holes for perforation. Finally, when the desired length of the coil is achieved, the punching system will come to a halt and will be cut by the specially designated shear for cutting the coils. These coils will be cut depending on the established requirement set by the customer, or the client. If they desire a whole coil to be perforated, these will not be cut and will then proceed to the rewinding process.

There are benefits to using perforated coils as materials. The first one would be its ability to perforate long coils instead of just sections of sheets. This will greatly contribute to the cost reduction on the raw materials brought about by bulk production. Another benefit, resulting from this, is the shortening of the production time due to its systematic and continuous perforation line. This promotes overall efficient use of resources and lessens labor.

On the other hand, perforated coils have some obstacles. One thing to take into account are the expenses. Starting with this perforation line is highly expensive because of the costly molds and die needed for the punching process. Some companies, or manufacturers, find it too high of a cost to fund this type of production. Besides the cost concerns, customization of holes would be one of the things to consider for this type of perforation. The pattern and shape of holes will only be limited to the available dies and molds that the manufacturer has. Lastly, material wise, the capability of the perforation line is only limited to a low to medium material thickness. In this case, sheet perforations are more preferred for thicker and heavy applications. /p>

Perforated coils have a wide application seen in the industry, they are used as enclosures, sign panels, partitions, safety guards, and screens. These have efficient production line that makes the production time quicker by eliminating the laborious handling of sheet material sections. These are best used where there is a demand for high volume, or big lots, of perforated material, making these a great option for Original Equipment Manufacturers with large and automated production lines.