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  • Greenfield, IN

    MSP Seals was founded in 1998 in Indianapolis, IN. Our company has been a major supplier of seals and various other materials, continually innovating and responding to the changing needs of our customers. We have introduced unique new products, o-rings, hydraulic/pneumatic packings, oil seals, and other types of seals, MSP Seals also supplies molded rubber shapes and lathe cut shapes.

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  • Palmyra, NY

    Garlock Sealing Technologies is the global leader in high-performance fluid sealing products for the world’s processing industries. Their 12 manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America collectively produce the broadest range of fluid sealing products designed specifically for industrial applications. Some products include metal gaskets, o-rings and oil seals.

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  • Grand Rapids, MI

    Kent Rubber Supply has been a trusted supplier of hydraulic seals since 1946. Focusing in exceeding customer service, we leverage the best equipment and the most knowledge staff to ensure we meet our customers unique needs. With our trusted experts, we determine the best rubber, foam, sponge or PVC material for your specific need. We continue serving customers both offshore and domestic.

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  • Chandler, AZ

    We are based out of Chandler, Arizona but we are dedicated to serving a global market! Our research and development department works around the clock in order to keep our products on the leading edge of innovations at all times because we know that our customers depend on the most technologically advanced products to keep their business moving smoothly. Visit our website today or get in touch with us via telephone or email today!

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Oil Seals Industry Information

Oil Seals

Oil seals are rings made of various soft, non-metallic materials that are used to prevent leakage of liquids in hydraulic systems. A hydraulic system is a machine that uses pressurized hydraulic fluids to generate movement of equipment parts. An example of a hydraulic system is the movable shovel on a bulldozer. Pressurized fluid is transmitted back and forth over fluid transmission lines, forcing pistons back and forth through hydraulic cylinders.

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Advantages to Oils Seals

Oil seals are very important components for this reason. Some oil seals are spring-loaded to maintain contact between the seal lip and the shafts in which they are installed. Oil rings may be made out of a variety of materials; high speed shafts require special materials designed to withstand high heat, such as silicone, polyacrylate or fluoroelastomers. When carefully paired with their equipment and applications, oil seals can help ensure the long term effectiveness of a hydraulic system’s operation.

Design of Oil Seals

Oil seals are a variety of hydraulic cylinder seals, and they are necessary to help maintain fluid pressure and prevent contamination within hydraulic systems. Oils seals also help to prevent wear from friction, increasing the working lifespan of the systems in which they are installed and improving their efficiency. Oil seals of many shapes, sizes and compositions are available to suit the many different contexts in which they are used.

Oil seals can come in a variety of designs, materials and sizes to fit every need. Oil seals can be fitted with a single or double lip. Double lip oil rings are designed to prevent corrosion and to keep out dirt and dust. The unwanted introduction of contaminants into a hydraulic system can cause inefficiency in that system and sometimes even failure. Failure of hydraulic systems can be catastrophic, especially in cases in which the system is employed for the movement of heavy objects or the bearing of heavy loads. In such cases, the failure of a hydraulic system could cause severe personal injury or death as well as expensive property damage as well as equipment loss.

Materials Used in Oils Seals

Synthetic rubber seals are among the most common varieties. Synthetic rubbers like Teflon are valued as oil seal materials because of their properties of elasticity, chemical and corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and their resiliency. Oil seals are so important worldwide that they are available in metric sizes; metric oil seals are available for use in hydraulic systems designed outside of the United States.

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