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  • Sparta, NJ 973-383-2487

    At Allied Metrics Seals and Fasteners, we are able to manufacture parts in all kind of sizes. We also carry out thorough inspections to ensure quality, performance and functionality. Our sealing experts are able to optimize system performance by configuring solutions for your specific needs. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. When it comes to your upcoming lip seal order, call Allied Metrics.

  • Akron, OH 877-771-6766

    It doesn’t take 30 years of experience to realize that customer satisfaction is important, but we have 30 years of proof that it is true. We manufacture a huge range of sealing products for our customers’ benefit, including lip seal and rubber seal products. We will manufacture custom products if our stock products will not fit the bill. Contact us today so we can get started on your next project!

  • Cleveland, OH 800-860-6210

    North American Seal & Supply is a distributor/fabricator of rubber or plastic products and other specialty items. Our dedicated service team offers solutions to your most demanding applications. A comprehensive product line includes standard and metric o-rings as well as piston seals, Teflon seals, hydraulic packing, gaskets and more. We have the innovative solution to your unique application.

  • West Jordan, UT 800-669-9638

    At HydraPak, we make replacing your hydraulic seals easy, so you can get your seal repair jobs completed quickly, saving you time money. Even the most difficult seal repair challenges can be handled by our knowledgeable staff to get your equipment. We offer expertise in products for high-tech applications, as well as the ability to source everything from o-rings to sheet goods to sealing devices.

  • Chandler, AZ 480-892-7325

    Founded in 1989, Arizona Sealing Devices has been designing and manufacturing the parts your business requires. Need a custom product? AZ Seal has the capabilities to provide full custom orders. Whether you need rubber to metal, diagrams or non-standard o-rings, they have the solution for you. For your next lip seal order, contact a company you can depend on.

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Lip Seal

Lip seals, which are also sometimes called oil seals, hydraulic cylinder seals and shaft seals, help to prevent the contamination or depressurization or rotating shafts. They can be specially designed in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and compositions to suit the equipment in which they will be installed.

Lip seals hold the oil inside a rotating shaft while keeping air, dust, and dirt out. Understanding what lip seals are and why they are important involves understanding the role of rotating shafts in industrial, commercial and consumer utilities. A rotating shaft is a cylinder through which a rod or other cylindrical object is placed. That rod spins around in response to the force exerted by a motor, a hydraulic system or even the force exerted by a human. Rotating shafts are important parts of actuators, steering systems, many different kinds of industrial process machinery and a wide variety of other important equipment. Many if not most of the different varieties of equipment that involve rotating shafts require the use of lubricating oils, hydraulic fluid or other chemicals that contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment. In such cases, seals that maintain the pressurization and purity of the shaft are important.

Lip seals are versatile, high-performance seals used for uniform, low-pressure applications. Lip seals can have one, two, three or more lips, each of which contributes to the way that the lip seal functions. Multiple lip designs provide extra protection against contaminants. In the earliest days of their use, lip seals were made of rawhide and were produced in tanneries. With the development of rubber products, particularly synthetic rubbers like Teflon, almost all lip seals came to be composed of more advanced materials that made their use more feasible in more demanding applications. Today, a very large percentage of all lip seals are made of Teflon. Teflon can withstand high pressure applications in which rubber seals would fail. Teflon is an elastomeric material that provides enhanced lubrication properties, resistance to wear and added strength. It is also very chemical-resistant compared to other rubber varieties. Properly pairing a lip seal with its application is important to the safe and effective function of many different kinds of rotating shafts. A correctly chosen, installed and maintained lip seal can mean the difference between extended, efficient equipment lifespans and premature equipment failure.
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