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  • Houston, TX

    Since 1968, Gull Industries is the premier metal coating service provider throughout the central, southern region of North America. We pride ourselves as being a customer and market focused leader relative to customer services, product quality and environmental leadership. We apply 'Hi-Phos' E-Nickel at Gull Industries which is the most corrosion resistant version of all ENP processes available.

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  • Huntington Beach, CA

    Cal-Aurum Industries provides metal plating and metal finishing systems to a variety of industries. We offer electroless nickel plating as well as gold, silver, rhodium, palladium, nickel, tin, tin/lead and copper plating. Our company formed in 1971, so we have years of experience and expertise to offer when we hear form you!

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  • Billerica, MA

    Since 1975, AOTCO Metal Finishing has been specializing in metal finishing systems and metal plating including tin, gold, copper, cadmium, chromium and electroless nickel plating. We are a metal finisher where quality and reliability count the most. Call us for more information.

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Nickel Coating Industry Information

Nickel Coating

Nickel coating, or nickel plating, is the process of coating an item with a nickel alloy, generally nickel phosphate.

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Applications of Nickel Coating

Nickel coating is used in many industries, including aerospace, automotives, chemical processing, and electronics. Nickel coating can be used to prevent oxidation or improve the surface finish of an item.

Process of Nickel Coating

Nickel coating often employs an electroless method, sometimes called chemical plating, which does not use electricity. Electroless nickel coating involves several simultaneous reactions in an aqueous solution. Various nickel-phosphorus alloys are used in nickel plating. Alloys with high phosphorus content (10 to 15%) add to nickel’s ductile and non-magnetic qualities. Low-phosphorus alloys (1 to 5%) are required for items that are to be welded or brazed.