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    by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor With news of a princely engagement across the pond intertwined with Black Friday deals extending to the jewelry market, those without a family jewel to bequeath to their darling might be looking for a deal that will, like the media frenzy, combine the right price with a charmed reaction from that special someone. Even with the deals, though, some might find the solid gold or silver jewelry out of their price range. Luckily, gold and silver coatings applied to a more economic substrate through electroless...

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Electroless Plating

Electroless plating, also known as chemical or auto-catalytic plating, is a type of plating that does not use electricity. Electroless plating involves several simultaneous reactions in an aqueous solution. Electroless plating is most commonly used for nickel plating.

Electroless plating is generally used in place of electrolytic plating in order to achieve plating that has a consistent, even thickness, even on irregularly-shaped pieces. In addition, unlike electrolytic plating, electroless plating can be deposited on non-conductive surfaces.

The main drawback of electroless plating is the chemical treatment that a piece must undergo before it is plated. A piece must be cleaned several rounds of pre-treatment chemicals to eliminate unwanted soils in order to achieve good plating.

Electroless Plating
Electroless Plating
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