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  • Lewis Center, OH 740-201-8112

    If your application is in need of metal forgings then you have come to the right place. We have raised the standard for metal forging and out fantastic solutions come at a very fair price. We tailor our products to meet our customers’ needs and we offer uncompromising services. We aim to exceed all of your expectations! Contact one of our highly trained representatives to learn more information!

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  • Fairfield, NJ 973-276-5000

    Our metal forging is unmatched and we have the expertise to get your project done correctly the first time. We are an accomplished company that will diligently work to meet all of your specifications. Our teams utilize the latest manufacturing techniques which results in long term savings for our customers. Our metal products are designed for superior durability and they are aesthetically pleasing. Let us know how we can help you today!

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  • Chicago, IL 800-932-0357

    Anderson Shumaker is one of the top sources for high quality, custom metal forgings, supplying a wide range of customers of varying industries. Anderson Shumaker represents the best in high quality, custom products and services, covering a variety of shapes and materials. For more information on our capabilities, contact a our specialists or request a quote.

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  • Cleveland, OH 440-250-1900

    Ferralloy, Inc. is a global supplier of metal forgings, in addition to numerous other products and services, offering total supply chain management to a diverse metalworking customer base. Ferralloy can ensure its customers that they have the components they need when they need them without having to maintain excessive inventories. For satisfaction, turn to Ferralloy, Inc.

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  • Jefferson, OH 888-536-3674

    We understand that it is difficult to find a trustworthy manufacturer which is why we want to make it easy on you! We are dependable, reliable, and committed to bringing you the best products around. Metal forging is just one of the many highly-specialized products that we offer! Our expertise spans over 40 years in the business and we focus on delivering consistent customer service to our clients. For more information on our metal forging, visit our website!

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Metal Forging

Metal forging is a metal forming process that involves the plastic deformation of metal through extreme pressure. Usually metal forging is performed at high temperatures, but it can also be done ‘cold’ at temperatures below the re-crystallization point of the metal. As one the oldest known metalworking processes, metal forging has evolved over the centuries to include innovative and diverse techniques.

Some of the more recently developed metal forging techniques include induction forging, impression-die forging, press forging and roll forging. Some of the metals that are commonly used in metal forging processes include aluminum, iron, carbon steel, copper, titanium, brass, stainless steel and nickel. Metal forging is used to produce an extensive amount of parts and products including blanks, gears, bars, springs, hubs, spindles, flanges, shafts, rings, pins, axles and piping. Since metal forging is used to form so many different kinds of parts, it is applicable for a wide range of industries such as electronics, industrial, automotive, construction, aerospace, mining, medical and architecture. In addition, metal forging is advantageous over other metalworking processes because it provides enhanced strength characteristics in the produced parts.

The two most common methods of metal forging are closed or open die forging. Closed die, or impression-die, forging involves the movement of metal blanks through a set of dies shaped in the required part design. Open die forging, also known as smith forging, involves the use of flat dies with little shape. This method creates parts by the manipulation of the metal through the die into the required shape. This process allows for larger products to be forged and is more amenable to small production runs and one-of-a-kind items than closed-die forging. In addition, metal forging can also be done in three different temperature zones. Hot metal forging is the most common and is done at temperatures up to 2300 degrees F. Cold forging and warm forging, on the other hand, are done at temperatures ranging from room temperature to several hundred degrees, depending on the metal. The cold forging process is only possible with relatively small workpieces, up to 25 pounds, but has the benefit of producing even stronger products because of the work hardening that takes place during the forging. Cold forging processes include bending, cold drawing, cold heading, coining and extrusions. Hot forging has its advantages over cold forging as well; it is more versatile in terms of the sizes of its products and in terms of the range of metals that can be forged. Hot forged items are also more easily subjected to further processing and machining.

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