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  • Freeport, IL 815-233-3833

    At Anchor Harvey, we’ve been producing dependable products such as seamless rolled rings since our inception in 1923. We have become a leader in our industry thanks to our versatility, adaptability, and the strong work ethic of our team. Our forge facility is equipped with an internal tool and die-shop, multiple CNC mills, and EDM machines. Contact us today and tell us about your next project!

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  • Chicago, IL 800-932-0357

    Anderson Shumaker is the seamless rolled rings specialist, with the equipment and craftsmen to produce the highest quality results. Anderson Shumaker also offers secondary processing, including heat treating, rough machining, saw cutting, hole boring, destructive and nondestructive testing. Anderson Shumaker’s solutions will stand up in service and they stand behind every product.

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  • Mesa, AZ 818-486-1522

    ZETWERK provides high quality forged components produced using range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Our in-house forging expertise, together with our production partners, successfully supports demanding programs involving complicated part designs and project requirements. We also perform necessary secondary operations on the forged parts such as finish machining, heat treatment, surface treatment etc. ZETWERK is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified. Our forging plants are IATF 16949:2016 certified.

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  • Cleveland, OH 440-250-1900

    For over 30 years, we have provided metal forged products for a wide variety of industries, including the aerospace, military, food service, medical, and automotive industries. Our customers know they can trust our forgings for quality and affordability. We will never try to make you pay more than you should for our products. Contact us by phone or email to find out more!

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  • Jefferson, OH 888-536-3674

    Look no further than Ken Forging, Inc. for seamless rolled rings! We have exactly what you need with our products. We aim to provide the highest customer service possible and to bring you top of the line products when it comes to forged bolts. We are the premium manufacturer of forged bolts in the industry. We are a seasoned group of professionals who take quality and customer service seriously! For more information on our products or seamless rolled rings, give us a call today

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  • Cincinnati, OH 888-321-7200

    For over a century, we have manufactured metal component parts for OEMs utilizing the forging process for strength and integrity. We offer forgings of carbon, alloy, stainless and tool steels, aluminum, high-temperature and specialty metals. We provide hammer, press and upset forging.

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  • McKees Rocks, PA 800-223-2818

    McKees Rocks Forgings is a producer of forged circular products. Our high quality items are suitable for use in many industrial applications. We specialize in crane wheels, industrial wheels, sheave wheels and gear blanks. Custom products are available and we are able to meet any standard forging specs as well as many other closed-die circular forging projects. A range of materials is available.

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Seamless Rolled Rings

Seamless rolled rings are forgings formed from a single "donut"-shaped block of metal by the application of horizontal and vertical pressure. Seamless ring-rolling is a unique type of metal forging that produces seamless metal rings with great tensile strength and structural integrity. Seamless rings may be forged into a wide range of dimensions, from small bearing housings to wind turbine slewing rings.

The outside dimensions of seamless rolled rings can range from a few inches to 30 feet, height can reach from less than an inch to higher than 9 feet, and weight can be as much as 350,000 pounds. The shape of seamless rolled rings can be configured to be flatter, like a washer, or to have high walls like a hollow cylinder. Unlike other types of ring forming, this forging process creates a seamless ring with great integral strength, capable of resisting high degrees of internal or external pressure. This is why wheel hubs, bearing housings, pressure vessels, gears, jet engine bearings, engine turbines and wind turbines – all applications which apply significant force – are usually made from seamless forged rings. Seamless rolled rings are also utilized in nuclear reactors, off-road equipment, couplings, rotor spacers, sealed discs and cases, flanges, valve bodies and many other high stress applications.

A seamless rolled ring begins as a solid, circular block of metal that is heated to forging temperatures and then punched through the center to form a "donut" shape. This preform is then placed on a rolling rig with a roller touching the inside of the donut and a roller touching the outside of the donut. The two rollers begin to rotate in opposite directions, turning the ring, and at the same time the rollers slowly squeeze inwards, thinning the ring wall and causing the diameter of the ring to increase. Some ring-rolling machines also have a roller that presses down on top of the ring as it turns, governing the height of the ring wall. The process continues until the ring has been thinned, flattened or otherwise shaped to its desired dimensions, at which point it may receive secondary processing such as size fine-tuning or heat treatment. Rings can be shaped at high forging temperatures for faster forging or, for rings that require the highest pressure resistance, such as aluminum car wheels, the rolling can be done at lower temperatures over a longer period. Lower forging temperatures and longer forging times result in greater tensile strength. The ring-rolling process can be modified in any number of ways to produce a wide range of precise contours both on the inner dimension and outer dimension. Seamless rolled rings are unequaled in tangential strength, ductility, and adaptability.

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Ferralloy 3 Rings
Seamless Rolled Ring – Ferralloy Inc.
Seamless Rolled Rings – Ferralloy Inc.


With the right material selection, proven forging processes, and proper tools, Weldaloy has all the ingredients to manufacture seamless rolled rings in less time, with less material wastage, and with a more uniform grain that ensures the strength and reliability of your product.

The goal of this technical paper is to help you determine which forging process is right for you in meeting your seamless rolled ring needs. Because when you fully understand the differences between each forging process, you can improve your design and, ultimately, the quality and performance of your product.


Weldaloy offers complete forging capabilities to a variety of industries such as Aerospace, Power Generation, Electronics and others using copper, aluminum, and other non-ferrous forgings. We manufacture seamless rolled rings using the open die forging process, closed die forging process, and rolled ring forging process.

Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Process

With our 40-ton ring rolling machine, Weldaloy has the capability to manufacture seamless rolled rings using most of the metals we offer. This process provides significant flexibility allowing for various sizes, and provides a more uniform product that is stronger, more reliable and made in less time and with less material waste than traditional forging processes.

Rolled RingThe process starts with raw material (a blank) being cut to size, then rounded to a disk shape.

The blank is punched then pierced in the center, using the open die forging process, to create a preform in the shape of a donut.

Rolled RingThe donut shaped preform is then placed on the ring rolling mill for rolling.

The axial rollers control the height of the ring. The idler roller, or mandrel, applies pressure to the preform by pressing it against the drive roller to decrease wall thickness and height and increase ring diameter until the correct diameter is reached.

Forged RingThe seamless rolled ring forging process, when done properly, produces a superior ring containing a more uniform grain, more repeatable mechanical properties, and a truer/rounder shape, which makes more efficient use of materials (less waste) and produces rings in less time. After rolling, the product can be sent on for heat treatment and machining to achieve the tolerances and specifications for the finished product.

Whether your order is 10 rings or 100 rings or more, the seamless rolled ring forging process minimizes the variation from ring-to-ring.

Forged rolled rings can be configured in various sizes as shown in the table below. Specialized orders can be produced to manufacture seamless forged rolled rings in customized configurations.

Table 1: Rolled Ring Forging Process Capabilities

Minimum Outside Diameter 10”
Maximum Outside Diameter 40”
Maximum Height 8 1/4”
Maximum Weight 500 lbs.
Tolerance Range ± 1/8”

Open Die Forging Process

Open DIe ForgingIn the open die forging process, a piece of metal is deformed by placing it between dies that do not completely enclose it. The dies hammer or deform the metal through a series of movements to achieve the desired shape and form. From here, the product can be sent on for heat treatment and machining to achieve the tolerances and specifications for the finished product.

The open die forging process is used to produce forgings that are simple in shape and made in smaller quantities. This process works well for producing products that:

·  Are too large to be produced using other manufacturing methods
·  Require mechanical properties that cannot be achieved in other metal forming methods
·  Have a small quantity requirement that would not justify tooling costs
·  Have a short delivery requirement that will not allow time to make proper tooling

Rings that have special mechanical requirements or that may require warm work or cold work, or are too large to be produced on a ring rolling mill can be open die forged.

Table 2: Open Die Forging Process Capabilities

Maximum Thickness 20”
Maximum Weight 4,500 lbs.
Maximum Diameter 72”

Closed Die Forging Process

Closed Die ForgingThe closed die forging process (also called impression die forging) uses pressure to force or compress a piece of metal to fill an enclosed die impression of a predetermined shape and form. Depending on the product’s size, shape, or specifications, several impression dies can be used to form the finished product.

This process is best suited for producing rings that are smaller in size and in higher quantities and do not have difficult mechanical property requirements.

Table 3: Closed Die Forging Process Capabilities

Minimum Inside Diameter 5”
Maximum Outside Diameter 10” to 19”
Maximum Thickness Contact Weldaloy to discuss

The Weldaloy Advantage is Clear

Weldaloy’s vertical integration system provides significant advantages in meeting your seamless rolled ring forging needs:

  • Cost savings – No added transportation expenses from moving products between suppliers. Everything done under one roof.
  • Consistent quality – Leads to higher profitability for our customers
  • One supplier – Simplifies the whole process and keeps costs down
  • No hidden fees or charges – We hold our prices to what was agreed upon
  • Technical and engineering expertise – With 70 years of metal forging experience, Weldaloy has the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your metal forging goals
  • Reliability – With a Quality Management System (QMS) that is AS9100C and ISO9001: 2008 certified
  • Customer first approach – We work with you every step of the way to ensure your product exceeds your expectations
  • Flexibility and customization – Our vertical integration process means we have the equipment, knowledge and material to customize your product to your specifications.

Weldaloy has the equipment and forging processes to accommodate a wide range of sizes to meet your ring needs. Below is a summary of each process. We also have the expertise to help you with custom and/or unique product orders. More Seamless Rolled Rings Information

Table 4: Summary of Each Forging Process

Larger ring sizes Smaller ring sizes Smaller ring sizes
Lower quantities Higher quantities Higher quantities
Little or no tooling costs Cost savings/less raw material needed Little or no tooling costs
Can achieve mechanical properties other forging processes may not Best on complex shapes with closer dimensional tolerances Consistency in parts produced


Seamless Rolled Rings Informational Video


Weldaloy’s Rolled Ring Forging Process Delivers a Better Product in Less Time.

Overview With the right material selection, proven forging processes, and proper tools, Weldaloy has all the ingredients to manufacture seamless rolled rings in less time, with less material wastage, and with a more uniform grain that ensures the strength and reliability of your product.   The goal of this technical paper is to help you determine which forging process is right for you in meeting your seamless rolled ring needs. Because when you fully understand the differences between each forging process, you can improve your design and, ultimately, the quality... Read More

Seamless Rolled Ring Forging at Ferralloy

Seamless rolled rings hold countless advantages that make them an appealing option for numerous industries! Contact us to learn more! Visit : Read More

Specializing in Open Die Forgings and Seamless Rolled Rings

Specializing in open die forgings and seamless rolled rings, All Metals & Forge Group found its niche as a manufacturer and supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in 1972. Serving aerospace, aviation, construction, defense, energy, fabrication, gas and oil exploration, manufacturing, petroleum, and general metal-working industries, the company recently closed its service center to focus entirely on its forging operations. Lewis Weiss, director of sales and marketing for All Metals & Forge Group, LLC, said he’s spent 50 years in the metal business working in the service center industry before... Read More